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senior project

kim canfield

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of literacy

By: Kimberly Canfield Illiteracy dgf There are many ways to help
fight illiteracy. Most are simple
and right at home. c low literacy costs around 73 million and is predicted to increase

The brain is more receptive to the concepts before the age of 8

60 % of all american inmates are illiterate

50% from age 16 to 21 are illiterate

UNESCO definition of literacy : a person is literate/illiterate who can/ can not with understanding both read and write a short simple statement on his/her everyday life . i k m Book drive
I collected over 200 books My product Norfolk CHKD My Project I researched illiteracy.This is what I learned..... Illiteracy is an underlying problem and has been for a very long time.

1 in 4 4Th graders can not read at grade level.

75% of high school drop outs report reading problems

1 out of 5 school age children suffer from reading failures

1 in 4 school age children will grow up not knowing how to read

43% of adults read at a reading level of one*

46% of american adults can not read their prescription drug labels

27 million can not complete a job application Reading with the child every day Reading to the child in the womb. TXTING ???? Reading out loud Women are a larger part of the statistics yes , it helps them sound out the words and remember how to spell said words. Reflection : Before i started this project i was completely unaware of how bad illiteracy is and was. I am truly glad that i had the opportunity to learn about it and do something to help. Today illiteracy is decreasing however it is a very slow change. Literacy day : September 8 By September 8, 2015 they hope to have illiteracy decreased by 50 %
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