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Online Portfolio

No description

Rebecca Cooney

on 23 February 2016

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Transcript of Online Portfolio

Online Portfolio
"Elevator Speech"
Your 16-second soundbite

Your name and title
Area of expertise
Your “platform”
Personal anecdotes or objective

Talking Points
Your online actions are a reflection of your personal branding (the image that you project to the world)

63% of recruiters check social media sites to find out more about potential employees

8% of companies have fired someone for abusing social media
Your Personal Brand
What attributes of your expertise do you want to market?

What do you want professional contacts to say about you?

How do you want to be described?

Why should someone hire you over a similar peer?

What 5 key words and phrases best define all that you represent?

Online Persona
Personal Brand
Creating your Online Portfolio
Using Wix to showcase your personal brand...

Talking Points

Online Persona
37% of surveyed job recruiters identified social professional networks as one of the most important sources for hiring.

Social professional networks are also the fastest growing source of quality hires.

90 of the Fortune 100 companies use LinkedIn's corporate talent solutions to find future hires.

I am Rebecca Cooney – a clinical assistant professor in the WSU Murrow College of Communication. My expertise is in PR and digital media. I am an advocate for student success, lifelong education and economic revitalization. My focus lies in family, quality work and being the best mentor possible.
How can you re-imagine your engagement strategies to align with and inspire the “me” in social media?

How does — or how can — your brand evoke an experience that elicits self-expression?

And how will your brand become part of the egosystem and create a gravitational pull for others to orbit?

Social Media Today asks...
Your name and title or student status

Skillsets and areas of expertise (writing, public relations, advertising)

Accolades, awards, honors

Objective – what you are looking for professionally or to enhance your experience

Personal passions

Personal anecdotes

Showcase Yourself
About you page

Goals section

Samples of your featured coursework (writing, projects, papers, presentations, designed pieces, video, audio, photos)

Contact information with your full name and email

48% of recruiters and HR professionals refer to personal websites when deciding whether to hire YOU
1. Go through content on social sites and remove anything that paints a negative picture of who you are.

2. Update unprofessional e-mail addresses or screen names.

3. Conduct on online search for yourself – your name and associated information – to see what's connected with your name and resume content and easily searchable.

4. Make sure your security settings are stringent and up-to-date.
Cengage Learning says...
1) Go to wix.com

2) Create an account

3) Peruse and select template that best reflects your personal brand objectives

4) Draft copy and collect photos and docs for...

About you page
Resume (in page or as pdf link)
Professional goals page
Showcase of academic and/or professional work
Contact info (form recommended)
Thank you!
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