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No description

hesham osman

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of Stability

* Stability Definition.
* Tip Over.
* Transverse Stability.
* Effective point of thrust and drag.
* Mass Effect.
* Cases to study.
* Thrust force more than the drag
Moving Equations
Mobility and Maneuverability
(Trimming and adding weight – Isolation – Electrical system overview with the isolated cylinder and other components – Motor assembly – Other components assembly – Joy stick design – Tether resistance – material selecting ”bolts and nuts” – Camera “Selecting and Positioning” – Lights – Leakage test – Pollard pull test)
ROV Techniques
Moving with acceleration ...
The drag increases
Till equaling the thrust
Equilibrium at max velocity
* Design 1
* Design 2
* Design 3
Tip Over
Transverse Stability
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