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Concussions and Football

How Concussion effect the game of football

Eric Campbell

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Concussions and Football

There are between 1.6 and 3.8 million sports related concussions a year in the U.S.

That's 15% of all sports related injuries

There are 67,000 diagnosed concussions in H.S football every year Records show close to 50% of
all H.S. football players
admit to concussion like symptoms

16.8 Athletes have had a
previous concussion when
they are diagnosed

After having one concussion you are 3-6 times more likely to get another Slightly more than a third of high school players in one recent survey who reported two or more concussions within the same school year

After 3 concussions, patients will start to see memory loss, headaches, blackouts, and sensitivity to light for
5-6 years It has been thought that concussion are linked to depression

There have been multiple former athletes whose suicides were linked to concussions

Most notably: Former Bears HB Dave Duerson Former Falcons Saftey Ray Easterling And most recently former Chargers great, LB Junior Seau The NFL has taken some measures to reduce the number of concussions sustained each year Like new helmates that protect the brain from vicious impact Coaches pulling concussed player out of a game And NFL commissioner Rodger Goddell fining dirty players for cheap hits to the head and imposing rules regulating launching at an opponents head Whether you agree with the fines and penalties is irrelevant, all that is certain is the fact that concussion can ruin a life and any measure needed should be taken to prevent them Thanks for watching

Hope you enjoyed this Prezi Presentation By Eric Campbell After 5 concussions patients are banned from contact sports and can experience long-term brain damage

This damage can include migraines, memory loss, dementia, depression, and other chemical imbalances in the brain CONCUSSIONS AND THE NFL
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