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Vimeo | Zach Klein

[Online News Development | Rajaraman]

Krithika Rajaraman

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Vimeo | Zach Klein

Krithika Rajaraman WHO? Zach Klein Jake Lodwick What about Busted Tees? "T-shirts seemed like the business with
the lowest barrier of entry, and since
we already had writers on staff, we
commissioned them to write t-shirts."
- Zach Klein Where's the Value? High quality content: “Think YouTube, only with a focus on original videos and community, which has led to its being favored by those who care for quality.” Inspirations Involvement Grew from 4 to 16 members
November 2006: Google buys YouTube August 2006: InterActiveCorp (IAC) buys Vimeo
Remember College Humor? Love for beautiful images & photography What sets it apart? "Dedication to quality, community and originality"
-Klein Community Indie filmmakers The first video sharing website to support HD playback |2007| Video + Me = Vimeo
Vimeo = moVie Klein only went as far as CSS and design Artists
Public Officials Account Options Plus: 5 GB/week Pro: 50GB/week Innovations in Monetization •Company collects 15% of tips
•Tip Jar: donations from $0.99 to $500
https://diy.org/ http://freecabinporn.com/ http://www.foundercollective.com/
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