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My Top 10 Favorite YouTubers

No description

Jordin KP

on 25 October 2014

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Transcript of My Top 10 Favorite YouTubers

O2L is a collabe channel shared by 6 guys who each have a day of they week that they post a video to go with a theme for the week
Monday: Connor Franta (I know Connor is not in O2L anymore but I will always count him as an O2L member)
Tuesday: Ricky Dillion
Wednesday: Sam Pottorff
Thursday: Jc Caylen
Friday: Trevor Moran
Saturday: Kian Lawley
Their ags range from 15-21
O2L was created by Ricky and Connor on August 13th of 2012.
My Top 10
Favorite YouTubers

#10: O2L
Top Picture Left to right
Ricky Dillion, JC Caylen, Connor Franta, Sam Pottorff, Trevor Moran, Kian Lawley
#9: Troye Sivan
19 years old
South African-born Australian
He is an actor, YouTuber, and Singer
Played young James Howlett in 2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine
Has also stared in Spud, Spud 2: The Madness Continues, and the upcoming Spud 3: Learning to fly.
Has over 2,000,000 subscribers and over 78.7 million views in total
His coming out Video came out on August 7th, 2013
#8: Tyler Oakley
Born in Jackson Michigan in 1989
Advocate for LGBT youth
Presents on topics such as Queer Politics and pop culture.
Began making videos in 2007.
Went to Michigan State University
Has over 300 videos
Has over 4,200,000 subscribers and over 164,000,000 views (as of April 2014)
Described as having one of the loudest voices of YouTube
He co-hosts a weekly pop-culture news update “Top That!” with Becca Frucht for PopSugar.
Known for being Sassy.
#7: Chris Kendall
Known on YouTube as
26 Years old
Stand up-comedian and writer
started YouTube channel in 2009
has over 570,000 subscribers
Only makes Videos when he wants, not just to please fans.
#6: PJ Liguori
Know on YouTube as
23 Years old
Over 540,000 Subscribers
Graduated from University of the Creative Art in Farnham Surrey, England in 2013.
Started making videos May 10th of 2007
Makes cleaver sketches, animations, brilliant impressions, and general humor.
#5: Felix Kjellberg
Known on YouTube as
#1 most subscriber to YouTuber with over 27 million subscribers
Gamer that records his reactions to horror and action video games
24 years old
Born in Gothenbuerg Sweden
Started YouTube on April 29th of 2010
He has funraised over $1,000,000 for different charities
#4: Jason
Known on YouTube as
21 Years old
Started YouTube on January 13th of 2012
Known for having a very large amount of hair
has over 130,000 subscribers
#3: Damon Fizzy
Known on YouTube as
Wants his fans to always be happy, positive, and loving them selfs
Has over 350,000 subscribers
First Video posted on Febuary 11th of 2011
Just a crazy, funny, and random guy that's hard not to love.
#2: Phil Lester
Known on YouTube as
27 Years old
posted first video on March 26th of 2006
Favorite animals are Lions, which is a recurring theme in his videos.
Known for not swearing in videos due to having a younger viewing audience
Over 1,800,000 Subscribers
Favorite color is Blue
His famous quote is "It's good to be strange; Normalness leads to sadness."
#1: Dan Howell
Known on YouTube as
23 Years old
co-host the Dan and Phil radio show on BBC Radio 1 with Phil Lester
joined YouTube October 12th, 2006
Tells storys of how he fails at life to let others laugh at his awkwardness
Over 3,600,000 Subscribers
Thanks for taking a look at my Prezi! I hope you enjoyed it.

I know that is is definatly not all the YouTubers I like and there may be some people you might not like on here or people you never heard of (Maybe look them up cus I think they are all awesome)

If you think I have a horrible taste in YouTubers, than maybe make you're own on of these cus Prezi's are pretty fun to make
Anyways, thanks for taking a look at this and have a great rest of your day.
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