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the legend of tex

No description

adam king

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of the legend of tex

by Adam
March-April 2013 The Legend of Tex (n) chief – an Indian leader (v) threaten – say you’ll do something bad (adj) greedy – someone who always wants more The New World? The Story It is the year 1548.

A ship full of hungry sailors arrives at the coast of the New World. A young girl sees them and takes an object. When she goes to the village, she talks to the chief . He feels that something bad is coming. He talks to his people and tells them to get ready to leave the village in order to save their lives. Something like that happened long time ago when Tex lost his life but saved his people. Izel, the young girl, decides to take the object back before the foreigners understand what’s going on.

The captain captures her and then he attacks the village and forces the chief and his peaceful people to give him all the gold they have.

The captain is very GREEDY!!!

He doesn’t want to believe that there is no more gold and threatens to burn down their houses and fields. The poor people haven’t got any other option! Everything they have is their lives. Unfortunately, the past repeats itself.

They can only hope that a new hero will come and save them. Alan is a brave adventurer. The captain is a cruel and greedy man. He’s a loyal assistant of the captain. She’s a young native girl. He’s the leader of the native people. Thank you!
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