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Sun Oh

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of ED 370 TEACH BACK

SWBAT/ I can... 1. Define how multicultural content
can be infused into classroom
2.List the 4 types of strategy instruction into the curriculum
3. Explain how multicultural content can be infused into subjects.
4. Identify examples of learning approach Watering Up the Curriculum for students Bell work On your index card, writ it down What would be the biggest challenge when it comes to plan best instruction for diverse classroom setting ED 370
Ch.4 Developing the content
for Instruction By. Hejin Lee and Jessica Oh You will have 3 minutes to complete bell work and be ready to share:) Norms Warm-up activity
Escape the Maze! *Direction
Solve the maze first.
Whoever gets done first, come up to the front and get one of the paper on the table.
Save it for main activity:) Mini lecture I Curricular Challenges in Inclusive classrooms Why teaching would be challengeable? It seems difficult to balance standardized learning outcomes
Students with disability
Cultural diverse backgrounds What is the definition of Watered up? It is the opposite term of watered down
is designed to help students with culturally diverse backgrounds or disabilities
is designed in order to determine the student's current level of performance What is the goal of
Watered-Up the Curriculum? More active participation in classroom
Developing social responsibility Ellis suggests that the curriculum in inclusive settings should be "watered up"
Educators should focus on what should be added or enhanced accommodate students. Many learners with disabilities need explicit instruction on learning how to learn

Some students with disabilities have cognitive deficits that may make it difficult for them to learn information at the same rate as their peers, process certain types of information, or use reasoning skills

Executive function- helps students regulate and monitor their thinking and behavior. Learning Strategies with Students Learning Strategy Instruction
-teach students how to respond to critical reading, writing, listening, remembering, and test-taking demands
Social Skill Strategy Instruction
-teach students how to interact appropriately with others across a variety of situations and settings
Motivation Strategy Instruction
-enables students to become active in planning the direction of their lives
Executive Strategy Instruction
-teach students how to solve problems independently and generalize learning Types of strategy instruction
into the curriculum C=Capitalization : Read through draft papers to check for capitalization errors
O=Overall Appearance : Review draft papers to check for overall appearance
(e,g. students may be asked to use specific margins or spacing)
P=Punctuation : Check draft papers for punctuation errors
S=Spelling : Check draft paper for spelling errors

T=Think : About what you want to write. Jot down your major points
O=Order : Decide the order you will use when you write down your ideas
W=Write : A first draft of your paper
E=Edit : Proofread your first draft. (COPS strategy)
R=Rewrite : Rewrite your draft and incorporate the edits you made in the previous step Examples of Learning Strategies R=Read a paragraph
A= Ask yourself about the main idea and details
P= Put it in your own words

S= Search the problem : Read the problem carefully to determine what you are asked to find
T= Translate the words into an equation
: Identify a variable and select an operation.
Visualize a concrete representation. Write the equation
A= Answer the problem
R=Review the solution Thanks for all of your
cooperation & participation Activity Time!!!!! *Please listen direction carefully please:)
*Have fun & be ready to share:) *Direction would be given for each group ASSESSMENT *Get into the group
*Each group will be given a few words
*Choose a guesser and the rest of group member will explain the given words in 60 seconds!
*Do not allow to use the same word
For example, social skill strategy instruction
Not allow to use social,
* A WINNER GROUP will reward:) Solve in 60 seconds!!!! F=Freeze : Don’t react right away. Stop and think first
A=Alternatives : Consider your choices or alternatives for reacting. Consider the consequences for each choice
S=Select : Choose the most appropriate action from the alternatives
T=Try it : Go with your plan Examples of Executive Strategies
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