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The Fault in Our Stars- Timeline

No description

Megan Hanlin

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of The Fault in Our Stars- Timeline

The Fault in Our
By John Green

When Augustus & Hazel Met
Age 16
Age 16
Age 13
Hazel's Diagnosis
At age 13, Hazel is diagnosed with cancer.
She has thyroid cancer, along with a long-
settled satellite colony in her lungs.
Augustus & Hazel Become Closer
Hazel and Augustus hang out a lot now,
and they become more than friends.
They plan on using Gus's Cancer Wish
to go to Amsterdam together to visit
their favorite author, Peter Van Houten, to
find out what would happen if he wrote a
sequel to his book
An Imperial Affliction
Tables turn as Hazel get's sick, delaying
the trip for awhile. She had 1 & 1/2 liter of
fluid swimming in her lungs, causing
miserable head aches. She ended up
going home about a week later.
Age 16
Hazel & Augustus's Trip Is Set
Hazel and Gus pack their bags and hop on
a plane with Hazel's Mom, once Hazel is recovered. They meet Van Houten, finding
out he is a drunken jerk who only had a big
break. Because the trip was covered by The Genies that gave the wish, they got to do stuff they could never dream. They go to a romantic city, falling deeper in love then before, until Gus tells Hazel the one thing
that will break her; that he's dying.

Megan Hanlin
5th Hour
Brickyard- Timeline
Age 16
Gus & Hazel Make it Home
When they first make it home, Gus is okay. He
stays mostly healthy, other than the fact that he has cancer. He naps quite often, and enjoys the last of his time. He gets admitted to the hospital after getting excruciating chest pains, but sent back out after he recovers. Now Augustus is to the point where he can't eat food without getting sick. He's like a little kid who knew better, but couldn't stop the actions from occurring. They know he won't be around too much longer, enjoying his last few months he has.
Age 16
Gus's 2 AM Trip
Hazel gets a call from Gus's phone at 2 AM, not knowing if it's actually him, or if it's his parents saying it happened. She answers holding her breath, but it's Gus. Augustus was in trouble. He went to a gas station, but didn't want to ask anyone else to help him. His G-tube that was originally installed in his body above his belly button to help him eat, came out. Hazel called 911, where he was again sent to the hospital for several days.
Age 16
The Last Good Memory
Hazel met Gus and Isaac, Gus's best friend, in the church basement where Augustus and Hazel originally met. Just with the
three of them, they had a prefuneral, reading their eulogies and discussing what was to come.
Age 16
The Passing
Eight days after the prefuneral, Augustus Waters cancer beat his heart. He died at 3:30 in the morning, after being unconscious for a couple hours. Devastation broke out towards everyone, but they just kept fighting on.
Hazel's Mom forced her to go to support group because she no longer attends public school thanks to her cancer, and her Mom thinks she's becoming anti-social. Even though she doesn't want to go, she does, and ends up enjoying it because she meets a boy names Augustus Waters, who has a case of bone cancer.
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