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"Ahhh choo... Sniffle Sniffle.... Cough Cough..."

No description

Iyan Nour

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of "Ahhh choo... Sniffle Sniffle.... Cough Cough..."

The Need:
A. Paid sick days- not enough
B. Employees who need them, can't take enough of them, while others abuse this. Importance of Problem: A. Some exploit this benefit while those who need it can't
B. 1 in 5 employees have sever health problem who nee these benefits
C. Women have a high sicknees rate than men "Ahhh choo... Sniffle Sniffle.... Cough Cough..." Who is Affected? A. Example: Peyton Sanchez How can we fix this problem? Our solution: 15 paid days off 8 sick days "Emergency sick bank" These sick Days May Be Used If.......... Sick Days Need A doctor verification Note:
The Plan: Annual Meetings
Count on pay stub
Organized, Regulated system for logging these sick days
Donate to "Emergency sick bank" once a year or when needed
15 Sounds like a lot but...... pic: pic: Imagine Greater: Visualize your company in greater standing due to:
-Increased Productivity
- Increased Awareness
- Increased Particpation Results: Employer has created a safety net for their employees
Increased productivity due to:
- Not worrying about taking a day off.
- Getting more done knowing that they have that net
- Increased communication between employees
Speaking of..... Communication will increase:
- Bartering/Switching/Giving away days to help fellow co-works However if there is Inaction:
- "DOG EAT DOG" World
- Hoard their days and not help one another Consequences: Higher turnover of employees
Again: Segregation of employees
Lower morale:
- Low communication
- Everyone is sick becuase they can't afford a day off.
EX: Within a 3 week period (in group of 2), co-workers would be sick.
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