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A (tech) library (almost) from scratch

presented at the ECIS Librarian's Conference in Waterloo September 2014

Donna Saxby

on 29 November 2018

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Transcript of A (tech) library (almost) from scratch

A (tech) library (almost) from scratch
digital fairy
first things first...
bear in mind...
work with the living
three things for 14/15
Digital Literacy
take your time
make mistakes & learn from them
think from users point of view
think big, act small
collection development
hardware & network
digital tools & resources
old commute
new commute
old school
new school
your library
earn the space
reason for everything
outside the bubble
world book day
literary festivals

open door and welcome
empowering choice
library activities
the future
khs library
isa library
"outstanding resource for the school community" MYP workshop 2006
"woefully inadequate in every respect"
NEASC 2010
being critical
creating digitally
digital footprint

new library
seminar rooms
study spaces
reading space
teaching spaces
a sink & storage!
the library 2 years on
gem titles

distinct areas

laptop cart and TV/chromebook

BYOD - policy and resources

rights of the reader
ask & listen
variety (short reads, manga, graphic)
accessibility - ebooks and audiobooks

tech club & magazine

choosing resources
choosing tools
making life easy
google - mail, sites and drive

subscriptions (& passwords)
tools (Easybib and Prezi's)

who's reading competition (before and after)
'KHS Reads' competition
Photo by Alex S
Photo by Christian J
world book day dress up
Blind Date Book
personal highlights...
the best bit
Box madness
photo: Erica Hoogerbeets http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:International_School_of_Amsterdam.jpg
photo: Kingham Hill Trust
photo: Nukamari, Fairy Godtrooper, https://flic.kr/p/du4MkG
photo: Duane Romanell, Obstacles, https://flic.kr/p/y3n52
photo: JD Hancock, "(Another) One of these Things is not like the others.", https://flic.kr/p/ddCVmu
photo: Ray Morris, Inquisitive Bear Club, https://flic.kr/p/8yTF9z
photo: Elizabeth Weller, Porpoise, https://flic.kr/p/9nCPLW
photo: Quinn Dombrowski, Day 210: How Do You Hug a Library?, https://flic.kr/p/cG2u1h
photo: Stefan, The droids we’re looking for, https://flic.kr/p/729Dk1
photo: Jay Morgan, Bubble on St. Augustine grass, https://flic.kr/p/6js44b
photo: Ron Young, Teachers Whitwell, https://flic.kr/p/pcaNBb
photo: Rachel Cobcroft, Armless Zombies? https://flic.kr/p/G4kzp
photo: Lil'_wiz, Fashionistas Hollywood Divas Collection, https://flic.kr/p/d7WNDf
photo: Judy van der Velden, Sirius and the crystal ball, https://flic.kr/p/bevR1B
(drawings courtesy of BFF Architects)
photo: Chris Jones, Culture in the UK, https://flic.kr/p/eAJtpr
photo: Anguskirk, A Community Book Exchange
photo: Chriszwolle, A4 Geniedijk-10, https://flic.kr/p/ekz8eh
post- conference annotated version
my previous school, ISA was the first IB World School, K-12, 1000 students from 60 different countries.
I learnt so much about education and further developed my school library expertise here over 11 years
my new school is in the Cotswolds (UK), a traditional boarding and day school, founded in 1886
a beautiful modern comfortable flexible and engaging library space
a room full of books with no identity or purpose, that had never had a qualified librarian
the school hired me in 2012 as Librarian and Digital Literacy Coordinator
the school had no experience of what a library could be and underdeveloped use of technology, but did have a 10 year plan for improvement
the library is less than half the size necessary for 300 students, this limits both the collection and use by classes
I was very open from the start about my vision for the library
I was also clear what needed to be in place in terms of budget/resources/policy/procedures etc.
my advice... have an overriding vision but make changes slowly & often
try to have the same font for web/posters/signage
it's their library not the librarian's
no matter what it is, hardware/books/furniture or database, it needs merit the time/space/money spent
literally have the entrance door propped open
say hello to everyone as they enter
users need to know they can ask for and choose anything
library is more than 'stuff'
some examples follow
be interested
a collection should reflect interests of users and their
ability to access (eg: Barrington Stoke and audiobooks for Dyslexic readers)
I've introduced VLEbooks for non-fiction ebooks, Overdrive for fiction ebooks & audiobooks
we run tech club (inc Raspberry Pi) and student magazine in the library
fits the idea of a library as place for hands on learning and creativity
having definite areas for non-fic, fiction, study and relaxing, having as much face on display as possible
chromebook and tv combo offers a flexible way to present to classes, both students and staff can use
librarian can help with technical problems and give 'just in time' tutoring on software/resources
non fiction is difficult to promote, absolutely has to be up to date and relevant to study and interests
on the front door
ask online or in person
apply library philosophy to everything you choose
minimise barriers to use
make sure policies, spare laptops, charging lockers and insurance
are in place and promoted for 'bring your own device'
we share a google doc of suggested devices
with students/parents, updated termly
quick competition - take a picture of someone reading at school
(with student's permission) these can be used by the library to promote reading
students have to guess who's hiding behind a favourite book
'after' photo is reveal but also provides great material for posters/slideshows
doesn't work in all schools but KHS students love it
Library helps with props and costumes
on the C.S.Lewis anniversary the library became Narnia, as students entered through fur coats into a wintery scene
one way to use weeded books
students find a creative way to re-use boxes
simple book promotion idea -
wrap books with a 'lonely hearts' style blurb on a sticker
put the barcode on the back for checkout, after which book can be unwrapped
go like hotcakes, makes choosing fun
...creating readers, this was a self confessed non-reader who got hooked on reading for the first time, aged 18
a single familiar login and simple URL, makes communication and collaboration easy
every department has a site which I created and teachers add content to, including homework, videos, presentations and examples of best work
library website has embedded content (prezi, youtube,
google forms and twitter feed) - making it less 'flat'
all subscriptions (bar one) have the same
username and password
embedded prezi's for students and staff to use on evaluating info, citing sources, making notes and smart searching
try to get yourself and the students outside school, make use of local bookshops, authors and events
I've really enjoyed recording library development on my vlog (YouTube & Tumblr) and writing a fortnightly 'techtips' article for Peters Booksellers eGazette - sharing is a great way of learning too
C21st teachers have a huge workload and long hours, try to make things easier rather than asking them to do more, engage them in their own learning...
...that being said, accept that you will meet some resistance to change, listen to these voices, but focus your energy on those
who are interested
& open first
at KHS every department now has a 'Digital Diva', responsible for
looking at how/where Digital Literacy is taught in their subject
as a thank you and aid to their work they each receive a Chromebook
we work as a group, meeting in person and using Google Classroom and folders
they are currently working on individual mapping documents, which cover...
from initial results it looks like the last point is the one we may have to cover as an independent topic
in the Diva's first full year we've decided to focus on...
all students will be expected to be able to produce a bibliography using Easybib,
Year 9+ will be expected to do in-text citations
we prefer students to use creative commons or public domain images (eg: Pixabay) however at a minimum we are requiring them to give credit
we're asking students to name their google docs with their name and the title of their work - to avoid teachers receiving 50 docs called 'untitled document' or 'prep'
lots of face on display
non-fiction in the first part of the library
the desk at the heart
distinct area for fiction with LED lighting and more face on display
open study space, TV easy to deploy for classes/demos
a much more attractive space, student artwork displayed above the shelves
I'm still developing the collection and hoping to bring in self checkout and trialing an ipad for things like magazines and QR codes,
however the main change is the...
building work starts next Easter!
please don't hesitate to comment or question via twitter/prezi or my website
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