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Chapter 17: Store Layout, Design & Visual Merchandising

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Jennifer Read

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Chapter 17: Store Layout, Design & Visual Merchandising

3 Store Layout Designs
Target Signage
Grid Layout Example: Target
Grid Layout Limitations
Because of shelving heights in the aisles, customers are only able to visually see the merchandise for the aisle they are standing in (therefore, customers are not encouraged to explore the rest of the store).

The grid layout is suited for customers
who prefer the utilitarian benefits
Grid Layout
Elements of a grid layout design:
1.) Grid Layout
2.) Racetrack Layout
3.) Free-Form Layout
Chapter 17: Store Layout, Design & Visual Merchandising

Assignment 2: Jennifer Read

Parallel aisles with merchandise on shelves on both sides of the aisles.
Cash registers located at entrances/exits.
Cost-efficient; products are easy to locate.
Purchases can be made quickly; time spent shopping is minimized.
High shelves allowing more merchandise; all aisles are the same width; fixtures standardized.
Locate and purchase products efficiently and in a timely manner
Minimum hassle during shopping trip
Cash registers located by entrance of store
All aisles are the same height
High shelving; can't see beyond the aisle
Target uses all both category signage (identifies the products being offered) and point-of-sale signage (placed near the merchandise to indicate the special offer that's being given).
Target Feature Areas
Target has a promotional area they use to display seasonal holidays such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, Back to School, and more. Target also utilizes each wall space for more merchandise placement, and uses end caps for special offers or clearance items.
Racetrack Layout
Elements of a racetrack layout design (aka "the loop")
Has a main aisle that loops around the store to guide traffic around the different store departments.
Goal is to get customers to see merchandise in multiple departments to encourage unplanned purchases.
Low fixtures in place so merchandise is viewable beyond the racetrack.
Multiple entrances; popular departments in back of store.
The racetrack layout is mainly suited for
customers who prefer hedonic benefits
Entertaining & enjoyable shopping experience
Customers spend
more time in the store
Rewarding experience
Racetrack Layout Limitations
A racetrack layout limitation would be that it does not cater to customers who are short on time. They do not have time or want to "explore" a store.
Racetrack Layout Example: Herberger's
Enjoyable experience
Customers follow loop through the store
Herberger's Signage
Herberger's uses point-of-sale signage near merchandise to indicate special offers or sales.
Herberger's Feature Areas
Herberger's uses freestanding displays such as mannequins to attract customers. They also use their entrance to attract customers by appearing "visually appealing".
Free-Form Layout
Elements of a free-form layout design (boutique):
Arranges fixtures/aisles in an asymmetric pattern.
Intimate and relaxing atmosphere.
Encourages shopping as well as browsing.
The free-form layout is suited for customers who prefer the hedonic benefits
Asymmetrical fixtures and aisles
Intimate; relaxing/customers can browse
Costly layout; customers are not drawn to this type of store because of the absence of a traffic pattern. Personal selling becomes more important. The layout also reduces the amount of merchandise that can be set-up in the store.
Free-Form Layout Limitations
Free-Form Layout Example: Karma Boutique
Intimate/relaxing atmosphere
Encourages browsing
Karma Boutique Signage
Karma Boutique engages in promotional signage, by using their window display to entice customers to come inside.
Karma Boutique Feature Areas
Karma Boutique uses freestanding displays such as fixtures to attract attention. They also do an amazing job with their window display to draw people into their store.
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