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Babies Prove...

Grade 1

Scott Cook

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Babies Prove...

sound (adj.) => sturdy, strong, completely able
get a better idea of => develop an understanding of, start understanding
They can't even point at
they're thinking about.
that which
the thing
People have a tough time learning new languages as they grow older.
As people get older, ___ ___ harder to learn new languages.
Scientists have
to explain...
Scientists have ____ ___ _____ _______ explaining...
What do computers need to communicate like people do?
learning disabilities
new frontier
Scientists have different opinions about ________
When we are born _____________
How do children's brains acquire language?
superb (adj)

master (v)

flexible / flexibility
progression from _______ to ________
progression begins with => (what has to happen first)
the ability to (v)
tell the difference between ______ ( _______ and ________ )
before babies are six months old...
the ________ that makes up __________
around the globe
How do we know when an infant can learn any language?
How many sounds can a baby distinguish?
tell the difference between
tell ______ from _______
patterns make up the rules of language
What do people learn first?
What happens after age 7? (4th paragraph)
Why would English speaking teenagers not do as well in the study?
The older a baby gets, ___________________
connections / pathways
Infants are born with ____________________
Why does brain development make learning more difficult?
dispose of
struggle against
forge connections / forge ____________
The older we get, the ________ _____ _______ _____ ____ _______ ____ _______ new languages.
After seven years old, we have to _____ ______ ________ ___ _________ , because it won't do so naturally anymore.
rely on
Watching a language speaker in real life results in ___ ____________ _______ __________ .
lit up / lit up with _______
Why does learning through interaction produce results?
In Khul's experiment, babies watching TV produced no _______________ .
We may be able to infer that, for education, what seems mesmerizing (visually stimulating), ______...
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