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The 6 Major Weather Instruments

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Bella Wise

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of The 6 Major Weather Instruments

The 6 Major Weather Instruments
How a Thermometer is used to predict weather
The thermometer helps predict weather by helping sciencetist predicting future dates and by helping be around the ballparkso people get thier weather forecast.
What a Thermometer Measures
A theremometer measures air temperature and atmospheric heat.
Accuracy of a Thermometer
The thermometer is almost completly accurate because of the alchohol.
Rain Gauge
How a Rain Gauge Predict
It can predict by showing people if it is close to flooding or not.
What a Rain Gauge Measure's
A rain gauge measure's the amount of precipitation that has precipitated.
Accuracy of a Rain Gauge
A rain gauge is completely accurate because it catches the precipitation and measures it.
Wind Vane
How a Wind Vain predicts
A wind vain predicts the where a storm might be coming from.
What wind vain measure's
The wind vain measure's the direction of the wind as in where the wind is going towards.
Accuracy of the wind vain
The wind vain is completely accurate because it is where the wind is blowing and is outside and the wind directs it.
How an anemometer predicts
An anemometer can predoct weather there is a storm is coming or just how strong the wind might be in a wind storm or something like that.
What an anemometer measure's
An anemometer measure's the how strong the wind speed is.
Accuracy of a anemometer
The anemometer is very accurate because it is outside and like a wind ane the anemometer is directed by the wind.
Sling Sychometer
What the sling sychometer measure's
The sling sychometer measure's the amount of moisture in the air.
What the sling sychometer predicts
It can predicts if a storm is coming by the moisture.
Accuracy of the sling sychometer
The sling sychometer is very accurate but sometimes not as accurate as you want because the moisture can not be there.
How does the barometer predicts
It can predict if rain is coming or a drought is coming.
How a barometer measures
The barometer measures the air pressure in the air.
Accuracy of the barometer
The barometer is pretty accurate because of the way it is created it is very high tech.
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