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Kubler-Ross: the Grief Cycle

No description

meghan nagel

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Kubler-Ross: the Grief Cycle

Kubler-Ross: the Grief Cycle
Stages 1-3
Stage 4-5
Anna lost her mother in a horrific car accident. The other driver ran a light and hit her moms car on the drivers side killing her instantly. Now, Anna, has to face the facts and go through a phase she never would've hoped to encounter.
General Statement
Most people, of any age, experience the grief cycle when negative extremities occur at any given point in time.
Development of Cycle
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross in 1969
Kubler- Swiss American Psychiatrist
Cycle created after working with terminally ill patients
Acronym: DABDA
Stage 1: Denial
conscious or unconscious-refusal to accept facts; reality of the situation
Characteristics: avoidance, confusion, fear, numbness, blame
Ex.: "I'm okay, this isn't even real."
Stage 2: Anger
taking out your anger on peers
Characteristics: frustration, anxiety, irritation, embarrassment, shame
Ex.: "It's the other drivers fault. They should be the ones hurt."
Stage 3: Bargaining
negotiation for the outcome you wanted vs. what you got
Characteristics: reaching out to others, desire to tell one's story, struggle to find meaning for what happened
Ex.: "I'll do anything to have her back. Take me instead."
Stage 4: Depression
person realizes severity of situation, they may result in quietness or become introvert
Characteristics: overwhelmed, lack of energy, helplessness
Ex.: "I don't know what to do anymore, I want everything to end."
Stage 5: Acceptance
Individual comes to terms with their mortality or loved one's as well as tragic events
Characteristics: exploring options, a new plan in place, return to meaningful life
Example Video
Why is the Grief Cycle important in Human life?
Coping methods through loss of life
Observer of victim can be more sensitive to their needs
Helps people have a better understanding of events
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