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Van de Graaff Generators

No description


on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Van de Graaff Generators

Van de Graff generators Invented by physicist Robert J. Van De Graaff A "constant-current source" How it works: a silk belt runs over 2 pulleys, one is inside the hollow metal ball. Carries a charge picked up by brush at bottom of a long tube, to another brush at the top, where charge is distributed onto hollow metal sphere. Negative charges released into ground, positive on sphere. What is happening? Your body is charged with a neutral charge, and the sphere is charged positively. You become positively charged, the ground is negatively, charges jump, discharge, into ground to make both neutral once again. SOOO....to recap... Your body is neutral (just think of Jimmy Neutron!)
Let's give some names to charges; Nelly Neutron,
Positive Polly, and Ellie Electron... When you try a Van de Graaff generator, it's
like a giant party - they're all together! But they all have different jobs.... Nelly Neutron is in your body, because you carry
a neutral charge... Positive Polly hangs out on the metal sphere
on top of the Van de Graaff generator, giving
it a positive charge...a charge that is POSITIVELY AMAZING! Ellie Electron was inside the generator, on the silk band,
but instead of following Polly up to the sphere, she's discharged
into the ground, giving the floor a negative charge. Since your body has a neutral charge (remember Nelly?), when you place your hand on the sphere (where Polly's chillin'), you become positively charged (because you've come in contact with Polly)! Now, when you jump down from the platform you're standing on (because if you were on the ground, the charge would discharge immediately into the floor), some of the ground's negative energy (more electrons like Ellie) jumps to your body, where they meet Polly. They have a party because both your body and the ground want to become neutral. When this happens, your hair (that was sticking up because of the static energy running through you from the generator) drops immediately, back to normal, because of the static discharge. Ellie, Polly, and Nelly's adventure is complete for now,
until the next person tries the generator! (They're in for
a surprise-they all have soooo much energy!!!!) "hahaha!" ENERGETIC JOKES... An neutron walks into a bar and orders a drink. He says, "How much?" And the bartender says, "For you, no charge!" Two atoms are walking down the street one day, and one of them says to the other:
"Hey, wait up a second. I think I lost an electron"
The first atom replied, "Are you sure?"
The second atom exclaimed, "Yes, I'm positive!"
The first atom says, "Oh, I thought you were just being negative again!" One day an atom walked into a bar...
and said "OUCH!" Did you hear about the chemist who was reading a book about helium and just couldn't put it down?
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