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Simran's Weaving project

No description

Simran Jaisinghani

on 14 October 2013

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Transcript of Simran's Weaving project

Simran's Weaving Project
On day 2, we had to choose what symbol we wanted to choose.

How did they make carpets 100 years ago
In Laos they used silk to make the rugs, but where did they get their silk from?
People in Laos used some worms called silk worms which can produce 300 meters of silk everyday.
On day 1 we had to choose three Asean countries.

I chose Laos, Vietnam and Singapore.
Then we had to find the colors that represent the countries and write their meaning. Later, we had to choose three symbols from each country, draw it and write the meaning down!
Day 6 and 7
On day 6, we started to make our skeleton, but instead of using wood and sticking them together I just bought a canvas board.
Would I choose weaving as my career?
No, I would not choose weaving as my career because weavers don't get payed a lot and one needs a lot of patience to weave, which I don't have.
What would happen to hand woven rugs in the future?
what does my symbol mean?
The red represents bloodshed and sacrifice
The blue represent resources of the country
the white moon represents justice and unity of the people
I think hand woven rugs will disappear in the future and because of this some of the people might go jobless.

Canvas board
Weave, weave, knot, weave, knot.....
Hi my name is Simran. In this project we were doing weaving using Asean countries
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