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Getting Social: The Emory Alumni Association Online

SMO strategies in use by the Emory Alumni Association.

Emory Alumni

on 26 August 2010

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Transcript of Getting Social: The Emory Alumni Association Online

EAA Uses of
Social Media Information
Dissemination Social Media vs.
Social Networking Community Platform Facebook | Twitter | LinkedIn EAAvesdropping Blog Emory Alumni Association 2-way Engagement: Staff & Constituents Plaxo
My Space Engagement between alumni Alumni Relations & Social Media Hi.I'm Social Media "Triage" 1. community Platform
2. Information Dissemination
3. Conversation
4. General Presence Twitter for Commencement Rain Updates
Questions about Telefund Contacts Class of 1985 Reunion
Facebook Group Contests: Engage & Educate Questions / Customer Service Emory "owned" & promoted group
Photos posted by alumni and Emory
Tagging notifies other alumni
Centered around Emory event (e.g., reunions)
Volunteer driven (69 EAA FB groups)
Self-Identifying as "Emory" Twitter Lists Events Student /Alumni Accomplishments
Emory in the News
Announcements (Nominations Open, etc.) Branding News "When it comes to Facebook and Twitter, engagement is different from spamming, and integration is different from oversaturation." - Kevin Barenblat, iMedia Connection Facebook Twitter Plaxo Linked In Ning Orkut General Presence Blog posts written by EAA staff, alumni, and Emory students
Updated daily
Event-driven content in addition to news content
Auto-feeds to other social networks to keep content fresh Autofeed Action items & Incentives Posterous Contests, "See the Photos," etc. 26 staff | 110,000 alumni
4,230 alumni per staff member
56.9% have e-mail addresses Emory "Twivia" Facebook Fanpage Engage & Educate
Engagement Visible to External Audience
Information Updates from Alumni
Customer Service


E-Connection Twitter
iTunesU LinkedIn Conversation Leveraging The Tools Facebook Groups / Pages Social MEDIA is a way to transmit, or share information with a broad audience. It is a system that disseminates a message. Guiding Principles Here are some general guiding principles:
1. Identify and address issues.
2. Listen to people, respond and improve engagement over time. Learn their interests and customize your message accordingly.
3. A sustained presence in social channels develops credibility and trust.
4. An integrated online presence is key to the successful delivery of messages.
5.Diversify. Any online network could disappear tomorrow.
Social MEDIA
= Tool Social NETWORKING
= Engagement Social Media are the tools while Social Networking is the act of engagement Social NETWORKING is what you do on the social media sites. Groups of people with common interests, or like-minds, associate together on these sites and build relationships through community. Communication is two-way.
Content Based Groups vs. Fan Pages Groups = Event based Fan Pages = Info Based Wall posts do not appear in user's newsfeed
Can inbox message all members of a group at once
Can create an event under group name, and invite all members When thinking of communications from the Emory Alumni Association, what types of content would make them more satisfying to read? Check all that apply. What Alumni Want content sharing Promotion / Registration
Recaps / Photos
Alumni Re-Tweets Misc. Emory Trivia / Contests
Cross-promote EAA Blog & FB Page
Interesting Emory Blogs / Articles
Alumni Re-Tweets Key Takeaways Know your audience
Be responsive – speed counts (Monitor!!! Respond!!!)
Clear means of accessibility (Be obvious in your branding)
Map out processes ahead of time (How do they all work together?)
Know (and communicate) the necessary commitment
Ask your community for ideas/feedback
Always check communities for spam (Monitor!!! Respond!!!)
Diversify - don't put all your eggs in one social basket.

Autofeed Content Driven Microblogging Content - "Soundbites" from EAA and other Emory departments, schools, and units
Outbound links to EAAvesdropping, Facebook, etc.
Does NOT autofeed to other social networks
Updated daily - ideally twice at a minimum (Hootsuite) EAAvesdropping Wall posts by ADMIN appear in user's newsfeed
Cannot inbox message all members of a group at once
Cannot create an event under group name, and invite all members Cross-promote
EAA Stats Other Ideas Try launching a new initiative, program, or news story on Facebook or LinkedIn first. Build the excitement. Give your fans something special.
Hold a contest that creates interaction with your page/group.
Student groups are extremely popular. Consider partnering with those groups- help with transition to alumni, increase exposure of your office.
If you don't start it, someone else (probably) will!
LinkedIn- Currently 9 groups, including general Emory University group.
EAA group is closed to alumni only.
EAA Group- 3448 | Emory University Group- 1223
Facebook Groups: Currently 69 groups (regional chapters- including international areas and countries, interest groups, reunion years). Favorite to date- Emory University Alumni South-Eastern Europe Chapter ;

Facebook Fan Pages: Currently 3 for major programs only- EAA, Emory Travel Program, and Emory Cares Intl Service Day. Random stats: EAA Fan Page- 2234 fans | Emory Univ Page- 6598

Facebook Volunteer Group Example: Emory University Alumni Group- 3741
(He works with EAA to disseminate important messages. Speaks with alumnus voice.)

Select Other Group Stats:
EAA Group- 1193 (Stopped promoting with fan page development)
Emory Young Alumni Group- 962 | DC Group- 264 | Muslim Alumni- 96
South-Eastern Europe- 20 members in less than a month | South Florida- 115 | Class of 2005 Reunion - 407
Facebook: LinkedIn: Twitter:
3 Twitter Feeds: Two staff: EmoryAlumni & EmoryTravel; one alumni run: EmoryAlumNash
EAA group is closed to alumni only.
EAA Twitter- 933 Followers | 646 Following | 36 Listed | 4 created Lists
Emory University Twitter- 3834 Followers | 2109 Following | 251 Listed |2 created Lists
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