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on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Plants

Plants Autorotrophs Main Characteristics Have Cholroplasts Have a cell wall All plants are autorotrophs Photosynthesis Raw materials: CO2 & water Where does it happen? In the chloroplasts of a plant. What does it produce? Sugar for the plant, and oxygen Seedless Plants The only seedless plants are ferns and mosses Vascular Plants... Have vascular tissue. Can grow very tall have an effective way of transporting materials throuhgout the plant. Gymnosperms All gymnosperms produce naked seeds. Cyads, Conifers, Ginkgoes,and Gnetophytes are all gymnosperms. Gymnosperms re-produce with seeds Angiosperms All angiosperms produce flowers. All angiosperms produce naked seeds. Have sepals and petals Sepals protect the developing flower Petals are the colorful part of the flower Xylem & phloem The xylem is located in the stems of plants. It delivers water and nutrients to the plant. The phloem is also located in the stem of the plant and delivers food to the rest of the plant. Thanks for watching Tropisms LIverworts hornworts f stomata cuticle root
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