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No description

Jon Bowen

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of NappHui13Notes

Where are the connections? What is my responsibility? Where can I make connections? What does learning look like? system change change in all schools culture language identity What is inside? What does that look like to others? finding the treasure Paora Joseph Identity is from relationship
with each other and the land manaakitanga:
help fill up the light within Success is measured in the acknowledgement of people having a place... therefore success is collective... how are we supporting people to discover who they are and how they can take their place helping [young] people to discover their potential how are we encouraging [all students] to make connections for themselves and develop relationships with others and with the world in which they live? our future is in the past the relationships that have been
...continuing to be
...and that will be ? How does this 'success' fit in with the NQF Jan Robertson etymology = Ma - light ... Na - Talking it up share voice agency respect/self worth engagement best - next practice Student Voice providing space inclusion being known Ka Hikitia Architects of Opportunity Whakarongo Listen AND Feel the words What are you good at? Where do you get your awesomeness from? Who do you represent? What do you know? What do you need to know? When and how are connections being made? What is the purpose of those connections? Values that influence my practice good relationships authenticity releasing others subsidiarity Active listening Don't
question or judge Ask "what could I learn" Actively listen to learn No war stories
No Hi-jacks No conversation or advice Be present & focussed (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr eportfolios learning stories capturing the moment why use? appraisal/attestation moderation intrinsic
or extrensic
motivation continue modelling next practice how can my own reflection become 'critical' google apps school gmail teacher dashboard school gmail could be great for ongoing building of google Special Ed and Inclusiveness How does the notion of inclusiveness translate to practice in my context? Whanaungatanga Hauora Ako Oaklynn Special School 21st Century Special School satellite approach primary, secondary, teritary options in other institutions Pasifika Education we're the window
of opportunity empowerment be aware of
family expectations the eldest child, eldest grandchild
the eldest great grandchild Summing up Jill Lunn Ko wai au
Ko wai koe Values Beliefs Expectations Attitudes Actions No seed grows without first growing through its own protective coating Nicky Kaye Associate Minister for Ed support for eLearning
and blended learning enabling disadvantaged students delivering modern learning environments to enable learning designing resources for diversity...
...rich and diverse learning
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