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Logan Rathbun

on 16 December 2016

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Transcript of Bluepickleville

Bluepickleville is a wonderful place for you and your family to settle down. Its utopian qualities provide a safe space for you to be yourself. We have a few simple rules for you to follow, and if you are able to you will be able to have the time of your life while living with us. It's a great place to grow old with your loved ones. We would hope that you would spread the word that Bluepickleville is a terrific and peaceful place to live. Our government officials and kind employees will do their best to make it a comfortable living environment. We want your children and you to succeed in your later life. So come live with us at Bluepickleville.
Welcome to Bluepickleville
Due to our community being in a bio dome weather is always controlled and nice. Our dome is located in rural Washington. We provide the perfect living conditions for you and your family

First and foremost you have to respect everyone equally. Everyone must engage in physical fitness to stay healthy. People under the age of 18 can not have children so that they are able to get what is required education wise before handling the responsibility that comes with children. Depending on your income you only have a certain number of children to insure that you are able to properly care for them. Children are required to attend school from grades K-12 and will be placed in classes based off of intellectual ability rather than age.
Jun. 23, 2890
In Bluepickleville our government is a democracy. Everyone will have a say in all of our decisions. The decision that is made is going to be purely by the popular vote. We want to make sure everyone in our community has an equal say in what happens in

Here in Bluepickleville we are big on electric cars. Electric cars do NOT require oil so there for there is less pollution. Electric cars are also much cheaper due to not having to use gas, and much better for the environment.
Bluepickleville is a very accepting community that accepts all religions, sexualities, genders, and styles. We have many places for anyone to feel at home. We have very affordable healthcare that is open to the public. Help is easy to find and and affordable. Discrimination is punishable by law. We find it incriminating to disrespect someone in that way.
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