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The skeletal system

No description

makayla shipman

on 7 June 2016

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Transcript of The skeletal system

The Skeletal System

Without the bones of your skeleton, you would be blob of water-filled tissues. The bones create a framework to which your muscles and organs can connect.
Here are some of the main organs and functions in the Skeletal system
Bones, ligaments, tendons, and cartilages
Guards vital organs in the upper torso region
Allows locomotion
The Skeletal
The skeletal system, is a big part in our body. It helps protects vital organs that we need to survive. The rib cage, for example, protects your heart, lungs, and other organs.
Comparing plants and human systems
The human skeletal system is much like the stem or trunk of a plant in the sense that it holds the objects together and protects some organs that are very important to the organism.
Examples Of Animals With Adaptations In The Skeletal System
The horses skeleton adapted round flat hoofs to make it easier to run on rocky terrain, where they live.
Wolves, have adapted sharp, rigid teeth used for ripping and tearing apart tough meat
Goats, have flat teeth that are good for grinding vegetation
Main Purpose Of The
Skeletal system
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