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Fr. John Therry

No description

Ebony George

on 13 June 2013

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Transcript of Fr. John Therry

Fr. John Therry
priest hood
Life in Australia
Fr. Philip Conolly went on to Van Dieman's land in 1821, leaving Fr Therry as the only priest on the main land for five years.
Fr John Therry was the first Catholic Priest in the Macarthur region.
Father John Therry celebrated the first Mass in Campbelltown in 1822 and was later appointed Parish Priest of Campbelltown in September 1835 by Bishop John Bede Polding.

Early life
by Meg & Ebony
John Joseph Therry was born in Cork, Ireland
in 1790.
He was born to Eliza Conolly and John Therry. He was educated privately at St Patrick's College, Carlow.
Fr. John Therry was ordained a priest in 1815.
He worked in Dublin and later in Cork.
Fr. Therry was recommended by his own Bishop to sail from
Cork to Australia under the supervision of a senior priest,
Father Philip Conolly, in the 'Janus', which carried more than
100 passengers.
They arrived in Sydney, in May 1820 authorized by both the church and state.
Journey to Australia
Father Therry said his first mass on Australian soil on the 8th of May 1820.
Fr. Therry described life in Australia as one of incessant labor often accompanied by painful anxiety.
John Therry had to do a lot of hard work to start up the Catholic Church in Australia after many years of nothing.
Priest hood in Australia
Priesthood in Australia
Father Therry set himself the task of visiting his people wherever they may be.
He stayed with Catholics and traveled non stop.
His influence was impressive amongst the settlers and outstanding among the convicts.

Father Therry did not have any famous quotes.
Maybe they simply weren't recorded.
However, a letter of his to the Govenor has been collected and saved.
Priesthood in Australia
Father John Therry was also responsible for the building of St. Bede's Church at Appin, the oldest Catholic Church in continuous use on the Australian mainland, in 1837.
St Bede's Church is part of the 'Our Lady Help Of Christians' Parish.

The letter that was found stated:

"I have to celebrate Divine Service and give public instruction at Parramatta or Liverpool once and in Sydney twice on every Sunday, frequently to visit the hospitals and attend all persons professing the Catholic religion who may be in danger of death within a circuit of about 200 miles. In order to discharge these and other duties I have frequently been obliged to secure three or four horses in one day.''

Fr Therry was born
Journey to Australia
He arrived in Sydney
He said his first mass on the 8th of May 1820
From then onwards he lived in Australia
Growing up
Fr John Therry passed away
In Cork,Ireland
He was privately educated at St Patrick's College, Carlow
He was ordained a Priest.
He sailed to Australia on the Janus, after being recommended to by his Priest
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