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A foods epic journey through the digestive system

No description

samantha skuta

on 27 March 2015

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Transcript of A foods epic journey through the digestive system

A strawberry's epic journey through the digestive system.
By: Samantha, Ashley, and Hanna M.
You are a strawberry.
You begin your journey in the mouth. While your in the mouth you get ground up by the teeth and then broken down by the saliva. There are two options here; you can either be digested chemically or mechanically. If you are chemically digested then the saliva breaks you down into pieces that are able to eb digested and moved to the stomach. If you are mechanically digested then you are ground up by the teeth into bits that are small enough to be swallowed.
Sit back and enjoy the ride!
After you visit the mouth, you will then travel through the Pharynx. Proceeding that, you will go to the esophagus. The esophagus will has muscles that will flatted you and then send you to the stomach. These muscles are called peristalsis.
Now that you are in the stomach the gastric juices from it will mix with you. These juices are almost colorless. These juices are renin, hydrochloride, acid, and mucus. The enzymes will break down your protein particles. Once you are finished here, you can go visit the duodenum.

The strawberry is now mixed with acids and doesn't actually look like a strawberry anymore.
The enzymes in the duodenum help complete the break down process. In fatty foods, the bile has to help break down the food particles. The duodenum has villi which are finger like structures thaht help absord molucules for chemical digestion.
You are ready to ride the bog flush. I hope you enjoyed your stay. Caploosh! Thats the sound of a successful digestion process!
what remains of the strawberry is a small amount of undigestable solid waste which is stored in the rectum and this is expelled through the anus
In this presentation, you will be able to experience the journey through the digestive system from the perspective of a strawberry. You will go through all the organs involved in the digestive system and learn how they are involved in digesting food. All you have to do is pretend your a strawberry and sit back and enjoy the ride.
Oh no! Frank has put me on a plate. I've seen this happen before and the orange never came back. What is Frank going to do?!
While on the duodenum, you are also squirted with bile within the small intestine. You do not get to visit the gallbladder or liver, but they are still very helpful because they are still part of the digestive system.
You are now in the small intestine. In the small intestine, you will see the jejunum and the ileum. Also as you move through the small intestine, there are finger like structures called villi that adsorb the molecules and help with chemical digestion.
You are now in the large intestine. In the large intestine, you are finishing the digestion process to become feces. As you move through the large intestine, it will absorb all the leftover water and send you on your way to the rectum.
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