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Series & Parallel Circuit Analogy

No description

Phoebe Cho

on 4 March 2015

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Transcript of Series & Parallel Circuit Analogy

Series & Parallel Circuit Analogy

design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
Analogy: Drive to New York City
You have an electrical car with a battery that consists of 13 volts.
The resistor is traffic, speed bumps, and hills.
The current is how fast you travel to the city (50 mph) and back home.
Stopping By to Charge Car
Spots Speed Limit Sign
Drive to New York City
Car battery-13 volts
Current/Speed-50 mph

This traffic takes an hour and a half to get by.
As the traffic increases, the speed(mph) decreases.
(As the resistance increases, the current decreases.)
- Resistor
Next Destination:
North Carolina
-From South Carolina
Location: North Carolina
Next Destination:
Current: 20 mph
Resistance: Traffic
While charging your car, you gain a higher voltage.
As the voltage increases, the current also increases.
Voltage: 18
Current: 50 mph
Location: Virginia
Next Destination:
New Jersey
As the speed decreases, the voltage stays the same.
(As the current decreases, the voltage stays the same because you just recharged your vehicle.)
Speed: 25 mph
Voltage: still 18
Location: New Jersey
Next Destination: NY CITY
Parallel Circuits
This is similar to the series circuit analogy except in a parallel circuit analogy, each resistor would be at different destinations/stops and the car would be able to move out of traffic faster
The higher the
in a parallel circuit, the higher the
would be.
Whereas, the more
, the higher the
would be.
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