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EDU 617 Introduction - Sepich

No description

Cory Sepich

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of EDU 617 Introduction - Sepich

Work Experience
Cory Sepich
EDU 617: Introduction
Interests and Hobbies
• My name is Cory Nathan Sepich and I am from Portland, OR but currently live in La Vista, NE. I met my wife while we were in college at the University of Oregon. Katie is a third year medical school student at Creighton University and she was a main reason on why we decided to move to the Omaha area. We have a dog who runs our life named Gracie. We spoil her to no end.
I attended the University of Oregon with a B.A. in Journalism and received my Masters in Teaching from the University of Portland. I am hoping one day to be a Catholic school administrator or president. I am also going to Creighton through the School of Education currently to receive my M.S. in school administration and am close to finishing my Doctorate in Leadership in Education at Creighton as well. Currently, I am writing a dissertation on, mission and culture/Catholic identity in non-ordered Catholic schools.
I am a 6th teacher at St. Patricks K-8 school in Elkhorn, NE. Additionally, I assume a lot of roles at the school, although they may not included in my title. I have also taught 4th grade here at St. Poatrick's as well as 7th & 8th grade in the Hillsboro, Oregon school district. Previous to entering the educational world, I worked in a craft, free-trade coffee company in Oregon, that specialized in roasting and finding high end coffee around the world.
I have a passion for literature and historical non-fiction. I love reading and my favorite author is Cormac McCarthy, as I am part of the Cormac McCarthy Society and enjoy other Southern and Western literature authors. I am huge Oregon Ducks fan, as well as the San Francisco 49ers and Liverpool F.C.. I was a soccer player for all of my life playing briefly before injury at the college level and I am still active in recreational soccer leagues. I am also an avid golfer and fly fisherman.
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