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The Great Gatsby vs. Winter Dreams

No description

Angelica Ramos

on 17 November 2013

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Transcript of The Great Gatsby vs. Winter Dreams

The Great Gatsby vs. Winter Dreams

The Great Gatsby
Compare + Contrast
Winter Dreams
Daisy Buchanan
*rich-ish or at least of high standing
*money interests her
*well liked, doesn't seem to have any enemies
*has a charm to her
*needs to be loved
James (Jay) Gatsby
*fortune seems to come out of tin air
*an officer
*has power
*says "old sport" a lot
Their Relationship
Jay and Daisy fall in love and Daisy promises to wait for Jay after the war but because she feels like she needs to be loved she marries Tom Buchanan. Tom cheats and Daisy still loves Jay. Jay is still in love with Daisy and is doing his best to woo her with his wealth.
Judy vs.Daisy
*women of high standing
*need to be loved
*money is important
*marry men who cheat on them
Judy vs. Daisy
*Judy is known to throw tantrums
*Daisy is known to be more sweet and caring

Dexter vs. Jay
*create their own wealth
Dexter vs. Jay
*Dexter quits his job and then goes to college
*Jay got his money by crime
*Dexter isn't as mysterious as Jay
*Jay throws lavish parties to show his wealth

Dexter Green
*golf champ
*quitting caddying because he feels too old for it
Judy Jones
*attention hog
*throws tantrums
Their Relationship
Dexter is a golf caddy. He meets judy Jones while caddying and Judy throws a tantrum over him not being able to carry her golf clubs at the moment because hecouldn't leave his post at that moment. Dexter quits caddying, then goes to go and get a college education, but he comes back, but not as a caddy, as a member of the Golf club He and Judy date, they kiss and Dexter continues to pursue her. Then she leaves with another man during a picnic.
By: Hazem and Angelica
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