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Why Is Imagery in Poetry Powerful?

A simple prezi I created to show why poetry is powerful

carter warn

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Why Is Imagery in Poetry Powerful?

Why Is Imagery in Poetry Powerful?
By: Carter Warn
What is Imagery?
Imagery is the use of figurative language to create mental images for the reader
Imagery can help the reader visualize a bigger picture in descriptive language
Imagery can either expose us to new experiences or reveal our own experiences in a new light.
Imagery in poetry is powerful because...
imagery is great in poetry because it sparks the reader's senses (sound, sight, touch, smell and taste).
it is an impressive way to make the reader feel like he/she is in the poem
imagery can also help to create a specific mood/tone and atmosphere
can affect the mood and imply a tone being described
The Five Senses
Using Sensory Imagery in Poetry
Poets use sensory imagery in poetry to make the reader believe he/she is truly experiencing what is being read
by using touch, sound, sight, smell, and taste, poets create snapshots in the reader's mind
Initial Thoughts on Poetry and Powerful Imagery in Poetry
Initially, imagery to me was unimportant compared to the use of literary devices. I had always felt like poetry was just a mixture of random words and phrases put together to confuse and stress the reader. But without further understanding, I discovered that poets handpick specific words to give a deeper and more thoughtful meaning. After this discovery, I had the means to research imagery and how imagery can change a poem from shallow to deep in thought. Poems that are easier to understand such as about sports and games are better for me because i can make connections and relate to them a lot easier
"Poetry is plucking at the heartstrings, and making music with them."
- Dennis Gabor






Music: Eminem- Lose Yourself
I have learned that imagery is in my opinion the most powerful device for literature
poets need to take note that imagery produces some of the finest pieces of work in history
hopefully students can implement imagery into their styles of writing to ensure highest quality and success
a brilliant inventor, physicist and Nobel-prize winner
Examples of Sensory Imagery In Poetry
An Icy Battlefield - Matthew Frazier
It starts with an unforgettable roaring sound, Like nothing I'd heard before. There's people and protection all around, while my feet slide on the cold hard floor.

Armed with only one simple twig, And two knives strapped to my feet. I move forward like a ravenous rig, Never slowing or missing a beat.

The wind plays music through my ears, My heartbeat begins to race. Losing mind of all my fears, As my enemy becomes face to face.

There's only once chance for this to work, So I focus in and take a shot. As I can hear the enemy allies lurk, I know I've given it all I got.

Suddenly the sound of a siren, As I hear and become cocky. There's no sound of hit iron, Which is the best when scoring in hockey.

The Big Hockey Game - Sebastian Ragno
I'm in the locker room, our team is ready to zoom

Equipment is on, for there is a game to be won

The music is playing, nervous, my body is shaking

The game, just moments away, it's the highlight of my day

Butterflies in my belly, I hope our team is ready

Coaches go over our strategies, of course, we don't want any penalties

Last second thoughts race through my head, I'll make it a game that I won't dread

Coach says it's time to play, I want a win for my red and gray

Now is my time, I got to go, see you after the game, when I'm covered in snow

He seemed to know the harbour,
So leisurely he swam;
His fin,
Like a piece of sheet-iron,
And with knife-edge,
Stirred not a bubble
As it moved
With its base-line on the water.

His body was tubular
And tapered
And smoke-blue,
And as he passed the wharf
He turned,
And snapped at a flat-fish
That was dead and floating.
And I saw the flash of a white throat,
And a double row of white teeth,
And eyes of metallic grey,
Hard and narrow and slit.

Then out of the harbour,
With that three-cornered fin
Shearing without a bubble the water
He swam—
That strange fish,
Tubular, tapered, smoke-blue,
Part vulture, part wolf,
Part neither—for his blood was cold
To Earthward - Robert Frost
Love at the lips was touch
As sweet as I could bear;
And once that seemed too much;
I lived on air

That crossed me from sweet things,
The flow of--was it musk
From hidden grapevine springs
Downhill at dusk?

I had the swirl and ache
From sprays of honeysuckle
That when they’re gathered shake
Dew on the knuckle.

I craved strong sweets, but those
Seemed strong when I was young;
The petal of the rose
It was that stung.

Now no joy but lacks salt,
That is not dashed with pain
And weariness and fault;
I crave the stain

Of tears, the aftermark
Of almost too much love,
The sweet of bitter bark
And burning clove.
simile, person=rig
metaphor, wind=headphones
metaphor, cold hard floor=ice
What I Have Learned
Connections, Analyzation
-First off, I notice the title "an Icy Battlefield" which reminds me of war zone in a frigid bunker with army comrades being slain left and right
-This poem relates to the sense 'sound' in many ways: such as "There's no sound of hit iron" Stanza 5 S3, indicates the sweet silence of net being hit in the back of the net
-I can relate to this feeling as one of the best feelings in the world in hockey: nothing is more blissful.
-Finally, I can connect to "Losing mind of all my fears, As my enemy becomes face to face." Stanza 3 S3,4, as the feeling of excitement and enticement when the opponent challenges me.

Connections, Analyzation
-This poem shows signs of the sense 'sight.'
-The sentence "butterflies in my belly, I hope my team is ready" Stanza 5, gives the readers an image of butterflies floating around inside of a person's stomach. I can connect to the nervous feeling before a hockey game.
-"Coach says it's time to play, I want a win for my red and gray" Stanza 8. This Stanza is also a form of imagery from the sight sense. "I want a win for my red and gray" creates a snapshot of a boy wearing a gray and red jersey with a helmet on, eager to play.
The Shark
Connections, Analyzation
-This poem uses the sense 'touch.'
-"like a piece of sheet-iron, three-cornered, and with knife-edge," Stanza 1 S 4,5,6, this sentence seems to describe a slender shark, but the sheet-iron and other mentions of metallic eyes make me believe this is an underwater submarine
-This reminds me of the time I went to visit the Vancouver Maritime Museum as a child and got to see alien-like vessel known as St. Roch
-I believe this poem is an allusion to WW1 and the sheet-iron, tubular 'fish' is a german vessel
Connection, Analyzation
-This poem flourishes the sense 'smell.'
-Stanza 2 S 2,3, "was it musk From hidden grapevine springs," dictates the beauty and blissful smell coming from the grapevine trees
-This reminds me of my vacations to my Auntie and Uncle's house in Penticton. They own an apple orchard and love to harvest and grow them together. The tranquility reserved for that area is astounding; and so is the aroma.
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