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MSOD 611 Intros - Avonlie/Paula/Dima/Sally/Alice

MSOD 611 Intros of Avonlie Wylson, Paula Lee, Dima Koyfman, Sally Jia and Alice Tang from the Fall 2013 Pi Prime Cohort

Alice Tang

on 16 September 2013

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Transcript of MSOD 611 Intros - Avonlie/Paula/Dima/Sally/Alice

One Tribe,
Pi Prime
, One Passion

Sally Jia
, US-China Global Talent Consultant -
Dima Koyfman
, Store Manager at Apple -
Paula Lee
, Business Manager at Microsoft -
Alice Tang
, HR Program Manager at Cisco -
Avonlie Wylson
, Sr. Manager at Adobe -

- Sally, Paula and Avonlie has worked in the past or currently
San Diego, CA
- Sally was on vacation where Avonlie resides
Shanghai, China
- Dima visited China where Sally grew up
Silicon Valley
- Alice and Avonlie works in San Jose based companies
Loves the Beach
- Alice & Avonlie
Lives in the Pacific Northwest
- Sally, Dima and Paula
- Avonlie's nephew in law works at the Apple Store
Rosemead, CA
- Sally and Alice have relatives that live there

Sally Jia
: B.S. in Management Science from Fudan University

Training, Facilitation, Instructional Design

Talent Acquisition, Cross-culture / border communication, Consulting, Career Development

Program Management, Millennial generation, University Relations, Integration, New Hire Orientations, Inclusion & Diversity

Team Leadership, Cross Functional
Leadership, Program Management, Account Management, Customer Experience, Digital Marketing, Software as a Service / Cloud Computing

Project Management, Executive On-boarding, High Potential Talent Management, Recruiting, Budgeting, Process Management

5 Unique Individuals
from around the world...
Avonlie Wylson
Sally Jia
Alice Tang
Dima Koyfman
Paula Lee
...sharing a passion for
Organization Development
Born in Canada
Born in the U.S.A
Born in Ukraine
Born in China
Born in Ireland
Dima Koyfman
: B.A. in Information System and Entrepreneurship from the University of Washington
Alice Tang
: B.S. in Business Administration, concentration in Marketing from San Jose State University
Avonlie Wylson
: Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing from the University of Alberta
Paula Lee
: B.A. in Marketing and Consumer Behavior from the University of South Wales
"My post-MSOD plan is to help some international company improve/design retention, talent development, succession planning, team productivity, etc programs to manage the talent shortage issue. Long-term I want to be an international OD consultant" - Sally
"There are opportunities for me to apply what I learn in this program in my current role, which I plan to do. I'm fascinated by the possibility of driving customer experience through employee engagement. Eventually I'd like to move into Adobe's OD group and then at some point to become an OD consultant." - Avonlie
"My dream would be to help design and implement an online learning tool for employee development and tailored to specific companies."
- Dima
"To leverage what I learn in my current professional role and in my personal life" - Paula
"I would like to be a traveling OD consultant for various industries in this global environment." - Alice

Have a Nice Day!
"I enjoy traveling, photographing, sports, food, beautiful visual content, Movies/TV Shows. Some of my favorites are the Game of Thrones, the Big Bang Theory, 24." - Sally
"I enjoy Traveling, Movies, Dancing, Eating/Cooking (more eating though). I am huge Seahawks fan and I'm pretty serious about Fantasy Football and Game of Thrones." - Dima
"I'm married to Tony, and we have 2 wonderful children that keep us on our toes. Tony has been on chemotherapy treatment for the last 2 years and has just undergone a stem cell transplant so we have been busy with not much time for hobbies." - Paula
"Curiosity , exploring, new experiences. My latest passion (learned this year) is stand up paddle boarding which I try to do every weekend. Also love traveling, movies, dancing (need to do more of it!) and great food. I love beauty in nature and in my home. We just remodeled our back yard and are in the process of planting a native California garden. I'm so excited to get back to gardening (which I knew how to do when I lived in Canada but haven't been able to figure out with the crappy soil here in San Diego - native plants are the answer!).The Big Bang Theory is a favorite TV show." - Avonlie
"I enjoy hiking, yoga, running, camping, traveling, dancing, snowboarding, socializing and music festivals." - Alice
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