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No description

Jason Smith

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Manga

History and Evolution of Manga and Anime Before 18th Century Cartoons and illustrations
found, but not counted
as manga under
comic definition (Non-sequential art) First illustrated stories drawn on scrolls have been found, but these were only for upper class citizens. Late 18th Century Increase in consumerism,
demand for products. Kibyoushi
Yellow Covers 1775 – 1785 Social Satire Political
Satire 1785 – 1891 Social
Satire Political Satire Censorship.
Kansei Reform 19th Century 1806 - 1828 End of Kibyoushi American Influence 20th Century First Half - American Dominated Post War Tezuka Osamu 1947 1950 1952 "Manga Generation" “Weekly Shounen Magazine” - 1959 Magazine Boom
1956 Rental stores Shounen vs Seinen Weekly Shounen Jump -1968 Female Boom Shoujo Manga 1963 1970 1980's Anime 1910's Emulation of Western Animations begin First Generation of Animators Imokawa Mukuzo Genkanban no Maki Technique and methods included chalkboard animations Namakura Gatana 1920's Great Kantou Earthquake Difficulties with Disney World War II Era Enforced Nationalism War Propaganda Studio Mergers Major live action companies begin Making animated films Toei Animation 1948 Hakujaden 1958 1986 Dragon Ball 1992 Sailor Moon 1990's - Present Neon Genesis Evangelion Mech Revival Pokemon Dragon Ball Z Superflat Manga -> Anime Subcultures Anime Ambassador Studio Ghibli 1985 Miyazaki & Takahama "blow a new wind through the Japanese anime industry" The End
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