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04.05 The Great Depression Assignment

No description

Julio Olvera

on 14 March 2015

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Transcript of 04.05 The Great Depression Assignment

04.05 The Great Depression Assignment
In this photograph I am wearing a white dress that my mother had once gave me, its one of the only clothes that I currently have due to financial issues. I am a mother of three young children that are now suffering from malnutrition due to the lack income I receive. Ever since the stock market crash we have been migrating to a better residence to support my family. We are classified as migrant workers because we set up camps as we follow crops for harvesting along the Pacific Coast.
I am a World War 1 veteran that is migrating to Washington D.C for my bonus payments, which I had been promised as a result of service during the war. Ever since the stock market crash I had lost my job as a bank teller, which was my only source of income to support my family. The only belongs that I have are what is in my pockets and the clothes on my back. My goals are to demand for my money to support my family and to hopefully remove President Hoover out of office!
When I thought times were getting better, they turned for the worst. My family and I were barely getting by as it is, but once the Dust bowl occurred I have to leave my wife and children cause of food supplies. I promised my wife that I would return when I had found a better place for use to live, but unfortunately the only thing I have found out here in California is discrimination issues and fierce competition for agricultural jobs that barely paid a living wage.
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