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Paparazzi: How far should they be able to go?

No description

Alexis Holmes

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Paparazzi: How far should they be able to go?

Paparazzi: How far should they be able to go?
By: Alexus Green & Alexis Holmes

How Much Privacy do you think Celebrities and Public Officials Should Have?
Defamation- The act of making untrue statements about another which damages his/her reputation. If the defamatory statement is printed or broadcast over the media it is libel and, if only oral, it is slander. There is a law against this called the Defamation Law, which paparazzi cross daily to make a couple thousand dollars.
Complete Privacy!
Celebrities have the right to privacy just like any other person. They strive to be stars, to be heard and recognized however every detail of their private lives does not need to be revealed in the media. They’re people, just like us.
Paparazzi put their lives at risk. Prior to the invasion of privacy, there is an unnecessary hounding of public figures. They endanger their lives, as well as the celebrities.
As a celebrity, your job is to entertain. When did watching a marriage fall apart become entertaining? Or watching someone go through a depression? Celebrities did not sign up to have their personal lives photographed and taped.

No Privacy!
Celebrities chose to live this life, therefore they have to endure everything that comes with it. Some personally tell paparazzi where they go just to get photographed.
Why should they have privacy? They get paid millions to do what they love, but “regular” people bust their butts trying to make $100,000 a week doing hard labor
Addiction to celebrity culture and information is unhealthy. People should be blamed not the paparazzi because they would not be so intrusive if the public did not create demands, wanting to know about the lives of the celebrities they adore.

What do Celebrities Think?
Although people love to know about the lives of celebrities, there should be restrictions to ensure their right to privacy.
Are Paparazzi Considered Stalkers?
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Public Officials
There are those who believe that public officials should have more privacy and those who believe that they should not. Some people may argue that public officials don't deserve the right to privacy given their importance in their role. But just as celebrities, public officials need their personal lives private too.
Like celebrities, public officials privacy is invaded with intimate details about their lives. Doing so can ruin the reputation of the public official and the celebrity, causing unnecessary problems. The public does not need to know about their personal lives because no ones background is squeaky clean. Everyone goes through situations in their lives, some worse than others.
However, a great leader could have a messy personal life and still be brilliant at their job. Its all about balancing the two, and being able to keep them separate. Your personal life, should never interfere with your job. Therefore, a public official should not be held at a higher standard than the public because we all make mistakes. We live and we learn, and grow through life.
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