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Angeli Evangelista

on 8 April 2015

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- a person or a group of people who are not treated equally based on their gender.
What is Gender Inequality?
All over the world
Top 10 countries with the least gender equality (least to greatest):
Connection to Gender Inequality
Where in the world does Gender Inequality affect?
Who does this affect?
By: Tricia A, Alison A, and Angeli E
Facts: Who? What? Where? When? How?
Both gender: men and women
Based on stereotypes
According to research, gender inequality has been introduced ever since men were first brought into society
Men were always recognized as strong, as women were known as weak and a follower
All over the world
Gets better education
More job opportunities
Earn more money
Strong, confident individual
Recognized to take care of children better than men
Known as weak; can not do outside jobs
Doing chores at home
Controlling and self-centered
"A women I knew from high school worked the same job and the same amount of hours as one of her c0-workers,who was a male, but yet he made more money than she did. "
" If you are a woman that does not know how to cook or clean, you will never find a husband and you are worthless. "
1. Yemen
2. Chad
3. Pakistan
4. Saudi Arabia
5. Turkey
6. Iran
7. Qatar
8. Oman
9. Morocco
10. Ethiopia
Clothing Requirements
Muslims have to dress in a certain way:
Not attract men's attention to women's beauty
Most people judge a women based on her clothing, hair, makeup and general "girly" demeanor. Many people make rude comments based on a women's choice of clothing. If we are consistently shamed for how we present ourselves, we will grow up to shame ourselves and view our bodies in a negative way.

Common names women are called based on what they wear:
Why is Gender Inequality an important issue?
Minds and emotions can get washed up by stereotypes and judgements
Stereotypes makes both man and female feel insecure about how they look
We get so concerned about peoples' opinions
People would start comparing themselves with other people
We could start looking down on ourselves in a negative view, which could lead to depression
Common names men are called based on what they wear:
waste man
Gender Inequality is an important issue because it can cause:
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights declares that Human Rights are universal- to be enjoyed by all people, no matter who they are or where they live. It relates to our topic because one of our rights is gender equality and the UDHR states that women should have the right to dress themselves, and not have a man dress them.
Common Good means " Greatest Good for the greatest number." Common Good relates to our topic because in Common Good everyone benefits. If most women had the right to dress how they want , then it would benefit everyone. It would benefit everyone because then they would get the right to actually dress themselves.
Our Rights
To be free
To feel comfortable with ourselves and not be ashamed
To be treated equally
Respect yourself and others
Connection to our values
- Equal rights

-dress however we want

-right to be treated equally

- Our health

Connection to Civics
Global Citizenship:

" We are all connected and independent citizens with global rights and responsibilities."
- no one should be judged or questioned

Civil Society:

" Civil society allows groups of people to voice their concerns and to help to solve a variety of problems."
- some countries do not have equality
- A number of organizations help these kinds of situations for people's benefits

InterAction: A United Voice for Global change
UN Women (United Nations organization)
These halloween costumes also show an everyday expectation of women. Women are expected to dress in ways that appeal to the eyes of men.
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