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Allusion to the Bible

TJ Herbers

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Night

Night's Allusion
to the Pasover How does your understanding of the passover shed new light on this scene? Is adds substance to the scene, knowing the biblical context makes the scene significant. We then can understand the similarities and differences the Jewish community faces at this time compared to the bible. In what ways does this information make the preparations ironic? This information is ironic because the jews live in a land that the Egyptians/ Germans occupy. They are also being persicuted by the people in power. the Jewish people in Egypt ran away quickly leaving behind possesions, some miraculusly escaped, others were killed. This is similar to the Jewish community in Poland in the 1940's. What is the thematic significance of including references to The Passover in Night? The thematic significance is included in this scene because the Jewish community was ironcially celebrating their liberation the instant before they were detained. "The Bible bade us rejoice during the seven days of the feast, to be happy. But our hearts were not in it." "On the seventh day of the Passover the curtain rose, the Germans arrested the leaders of the Jewish commuity." "The race toward death had begun."
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