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Comparatives - Superlatives.

No description

Dulce De Coco

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Comparatives - Superlatives.

Comparatives - Superlatives.
One - syllable adjectives:
long - longer than
small - smaller than
old - older than
One - syllable adjectives
ending in vowel
consonant double the con-
thin - thinner than
big - bigger than
Three - or - more - syllable
beautiful - more beautiful
intelligent - more intelligent
Two - syllable adjectives:
Ending in y or ow
happy - happier than
shallower than
Irregular Comparatives:
Good - better than
bad - worse than
far - further than.
One - syllable adjectives:
long - the longest
small - the smallest
old - the oldest
One - sillable adjectives
ending in vowel
consonant double the con
thin - the thinnest
big - the biggest
Three - or - more syllable
beautiful - the most beautiful
intelligent - the most intelligent
Two - syllable adjectives:
Ending in y or ow
happy - the happiest
shallow - the shallowest
Irregular Superlatives:
good - the best
bad - the worst
far - the furtherst
By: Magally Mondragón.

Meryl Streep in the Oscar awards, he had eighteen nominations.
Katharine Hepburn in the Oscar awards, had twelve nominations.
Bette Davis in the Oscar awards, had ten nominations.
Katharine Hepburn is more popular than Bette Davis.
Meryl Streep is the most popular actress of the three.
Flower Kadapul with a cost of € 550,150.
Orchid Flower gold at a cost of € 362, 081.
Flower of the saffron with a cost of € 275, 309.
The orchid flower gold is more expensive than the saffro flower.
The Kadapul flower is the most expensive of the three.
Praia do Cassino measures 240 km long.
Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh is 120 km long
Truant Beach, Mexico measuring 82 km long and 50 m wide
Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh is longer than Truant Beach, Mexico.
The Praia do Cassino the longest of the three.
Luis Alfredo Garavito murderer to 172 children.
Andrei Romanovich , the Butcher of Rostov 153 teenage murderer.
Belle Gunness, "lady bluebeard" murderer 42 men.
Andrei Romanovich is more dangerous than Belle Gunness.
Luis Alfredo Garavito is the most dangerous the of three.
Larregui Leon, 40 years old.
Julian Casablancas, 36 years old.
Alex Turner, 28 years old.
Julian Casablancas is older than Alex Turner.
Leon Larregui the oldest of the three.
Kelly Gold, its price is $ 1.9 million.
Diamond Forever Classic bag - Chanel, is priced at$261,000 .
'Precious Rose bag' Leiber, the price is $ 92.000.
Diamond Forever Classic bag is more expensive than Precious Rose bag.
Kelly Golden is the most expensive of the three.
Right is more popular than Engineering.
Medicine is the most popular of the three.
Beagle is more beautiful than Chihuahua.
The pug is the most beautiful of the three.
Margarita is better than Tulipan.
The girasol, the best in the world
The light year is more perfect song to song Someday.
But Sour Girl is the most perfect song of all.
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