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Fashion in The Civil War

No description

Arha C.

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Fashion in The Civil War

Fashion in The Civil War
Women Footwear
Hair Styles
Many people think that every single day ladies would wash their hair and then set it in those huge southern belle curls. This couldn't be farther from the truth! The everyday hair styles were wearing your hair parted down the middle, and then slicked back into a bun at the nap of the neck or pinned back and covered with a snood. For women who unfortunately had curly hair would have to straighten it with hot combs and sweet oils. A hot comb was a metal comb that you would place near the stove or fireplace to get it hot. When it was hot enough you would put sweet oil in your hair and then run the hot comb through it, erasing the curls temporarily. Wearing hair in a bun was common because it kept the hair out of the lady's way as she worked, cooked, cleaned, etc.
Introduction: Fashion in the Civil War to the Fashion of Today
What women wore under their dresses
Women wore a lot of things under their dresses, for instance, they wore a corset. A corset is an undergarment that is tightly fitted from the chest to the hips.
Another thing that women wore was a hoop skirt. A Hoop Skirt is just wire hoops or whalebones, these were called crinolines. Women would wear these under their skirts to hold its shape. Women wore a lot of other things under their dresses, but if I put all of that info, I wouldn't be able to finish this presentation!
Over the past years, fashion has grew a lot! The style, the popularity, all of that has increased throughout the generations.
People have grew more interest for this subject from back then to now. If Fashion didn't exist in the past, what would our lives be like today?
For some people, Fashion is their Passion! But, for others, they might not even care. What's your opinion?
Today, if we were to look back on what people of the Civil War wore during their time period, what would we say? Have you ever thought about that?
Continue on through this Presentation as you will see what people wore during the Civil War, you might even be surprised at what you will see...
During this time period, there were only three main types of footwear women wore. The first type was the everyday boots. They wore these because since there wasn't much heel, there was less stress on the ankle and back. They wore these around the house and for work. The second type was the "Granny" boots. This became the "Everyday" boots during the Victorian and Edwardian period. They wore these into town or for afternoon tea. The third type was the Slipper. These came mostly in the colors black and white. They were flat with no heel at all. This was only worn at a ball. These were a lot more comfortable and easier to dance in.
"Granny" Boots
Hoop Skirt
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