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Champion by Marie Lu

No description

brenden gardner

on 11 May 2014

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Transcript of Champion by Marie Lu

Champion by Marie Lu
Event #6
Event #2
Day reveals his illness to June after being hospitalized. His disease gives him 1-2 months left. During their conversation, the Colonies assault the Armor, putting Denver into panic. During evacuation, the duo meet their former friends, the Patriots.
Event #3
A plan is formulated between Day,June, and the Patriots. June goes with the Elector, Anden, to Ross City, Antarctica to obtain help against the Colonies. Upon arrival, they are escorted to The President. The President and Anden negotiate terms. Since the Republic is in debt to Antarctica economically, Antarctica only helps with research for a cure.
Event #4
Day and the Patriots attempt to disable a near by Colony base. Day and a Patriot, Pascao, sneak into the base and plant charges in the Jet vents. Once out of range, the charges detonate and they run to the Armor. Colony soldiers run after them and kills one of the Patriots. During the getaway, Day suffers another attack from his disease.
Day is hospitalized yet again, but this time, the Chancellor of the Colonies contacts him via ear piece. The Chancellor tells him to either help him take the republic and his loved ones will be spared, or be destroyed. He soon notifies June shortly after.
Event #5
Day and June discuss strategies to combat the Colonies. It takes a lot of thinking. They decide that since they combat them with a regular military force, they get the city to fight as a whole. The duo and the Patriots create a plan.
June explains to Anden that a fake surrender must be used in order to save the Republic. Day puts up signs saying "listen for me"at the same time. Preparations are complete.
They meet at Eden's locations to get the results from their testing. The doctor says it's partially incomplete. June was infected by this virus 2 months earlier with out realizing it. After some thinking time,June knows she is the missing piece for the cure.
Event #8
10 years of Day lost his memory, June and Day meet in the street coincidentally. Day has finally remembers June, but not personally. Day wants to know June again as he did before. Then the book ends.
Event #10
Event #1
A version of the virus the Republic made 8 months ago had reached the Colonies border cities. The Republic must create a cure for the Colonies to continue negotiations a treaty. Day's brother, Eden, was exposed to the virus and the government can only develop a cure if they experiment on Eden. Day denies their request, putting the Republic in a fix.
The attack begins. The Republic fights off the Colonies in a intense firefight. Most of Los Angeles is destroyed and Day almost dies. When Day wakes up, his disease is gone, but he has no memory of June or his friends besides Tess.
Event #9
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