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Ajax Mine

No description

Reynan Bouwman

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Ajax Mine

In early 2013, the Polish mining company KGHM, is planning on starting construction on the Ajax mine project. KGHM AJAX MINE Since approximately 2009, Abacus Mining and Exploration Corporation (AME) and KGHM have undergone a "rigorous" Environmental Assessment (EA) process. This process ensures that everyone or almost everyone is happy with Ajax mine. Of course, you can never have everyone satisfied with something; there has been many examples of that throughout history.
Currently, there is a group set up in Kamloops intent on stopping Ajax mine. According to stopajaxmine.com, there are a number of "facts" that need to be addressed and problems that need to be solved. The mine will use 1,667,000 Litres of water per hour; all of which will be pumped from Kamloops Lake. Because precipitation will rise 4 times the natural level and mining will generate massive amounts of moisture particles, there will be more fog, humidity, and haze and approximately 10%-20% decrease of sunshine. According to the World Health Organization in June 12 2012, diesel fumes have been ranked as a Group 1 Carcinogen. Ajax mine will generate 91,000 Litres of diesel fumes per day. That's equivalent to 231,477 kilograms of carbon dioxide per day. KGHM is Europe's worst carbon polluter. Because we live in a valley, and the direction of the wind is generally towards the north, no one will be safe from the dust, diesel pollution, and particulate matter that blows from the mine. Ajax mine is an open pit mine. This means that to extract the copper and gold they are after, miners dig a giant hole. That in turn means a lot of dust which is harmful to everything. KGHM will of course make sure their project sounds irresistible. As of February 2012, Kamloops was sitting at a 9.6% unemployment rate. Ajax mine will provide 1,330 direct and indirect jobs during construction and 870 direct and indirect jobs during operation. The average salary of a miner is $100,000 a year. KGHM Ajax say they are committed to working together with the community, government, and First Nations. They are working hard to find a happy medium for opposition. According to Ajax, during the life span of the mine (23 years) the mine will generate $116 million for the city in tax revenue, $226 million for the province, $340 million in federal taxes, and $230 million in B.C. mining tax. Those prices are based on gold and copper prices which can fluctuate rapidly. All in all, KGHM Ajax will generate millions of dollars for the Canadian economy and provide a number of jobs for Kamloops. However, they have not addressed some of the most basic concerns the general public have about safety and health. I am not sure that I would like to have a 1km by 2.5km open pit mine 1.5 km from my house. People need to know about and do something about the changes that are coming up around them.
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