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social media

By Alyna, Fariha & Sharvika

Fariha Ahmed

on 11 December 2017

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Transcript of social media

Chevy Runs Deep
Brand Loyalty
Alyna.N 7-1
Sharvika.B 7-1
Fariha.A 7-1
Thank you for watching!




Card Stacking
Entertaining, funny but possibly deceptive; says little about the product.
Plays on people's feeling of love and sympathy-e.g. images of cuddly animals or cute children to create a positive association in the mind of the reader.
Card Stacking
Selecting only those good/positive facts that support the product.
Hello, fellow classmates today our presentation is about commercials and their selling Tactics. Has there ever been that one time where you've wanted a barbie doll or a hot wheels car ever so badly, after that one commercial that you had watched on T.V. Well the reason you ever wanted it was because of games that different directors play also known as selling tactics. There are many different tactics directors use, some use
which appeal to the eye and sends a message to the brain that you really want it.
In this sketchers commercial the techniques used were humor and transfer, we know this because they used the image of cuddly dogs in their commercial to prove a point: that sketchers is the brand to use for running, so people should buy the product. the commercial says very little about the product because it only shows what you can achieve by using the product " Or what it can so call achieve". The primary target audience is kids ages 6-10 who believe everything they see or hear is true. if we were 8 year old's, we would definitely fall for the ad which means the ad was definitely effective although the techniques would not really be as effective with adults because they would know completely that this ad is fake.
This newspaper advertisement is about computers. The ad used techniques such as card stacking, economy and style changes. The advertisers talked about the values of that product and that you could get more value or "quality" for less money.

So, people seeing that they could buy a product for less and getting tricked by the fact that it says "value", buy the product. They also use a Tactic called "Style Changes" (Where the customers have to stick to a certain time limit) this tactic is used in the Advertisement where it says "It only happens once" this is where the customers will feel rushed and feel that they have to buy the product before the sale ends, and before the product becomes more expensive.

The commercial says a lot of good things and gives a lot of information about the product and how efficient it is, however it lacked visual aids meaning pictures or graphics. The primary target audience is for business men and women so they can use it for office work and if they need their computers to work fast. We don't think their techniques and advertisement style would really appeal to kids because it was rather dull and long- winded than being entertaining and fun to read about. We think the title was very effective and the important words were in the right fonts so that it's noticeable. We think that this advertisement was very effective.

Billboard Advertisement
Computer Advertisement
This billboard advertisement is about pedigree a dog accessories company. Pedigree uses techniques like transfer (The main aspect of the design is the cute and cuddly dog), glittering generalities (the advertisement does not talk about the product), wit (and humor). It is very appealing and a perfect design to grab people's attention while on the road, it appeals to people sub consciously. The two words are implying that dogs rule and so it should be clear to everyone that they should give their dogs a product that also rules which is pedigree. Their primary targets would be people in their adulthood who have dogs and also kids because they can show how they will take good care of their dog with this product. Although it is very eye catching, we think that it would have been a bit better if the advertisers said something about the product instead of just saying "dogs rule". These techniques or this advertisement won't be effective with people who are allergic to dogs or just don't want to get one, but the image will appeal to most people, so in our opinion it was effective.
This magazine advertisement is about lego friends and it used techniques such as creativity, simple solutions, logo, card stacking, vibrant colours and transfer. the advertisers talked about all the unique components about this product and all the creative things that you can do when you buy this. So basically its allowing you to make it the way you want it. It uses simple solutions because you can do a lot of things with this product. This ad uses logo because it uses the logo "lego friends" and the logo shows that its lego but modified to be for girls. The ad uses vibrant colours because the colours they used are colours that most young girls like.

This magazine advertisement is trying to catch the eyes of young girls about ages of 5-10 because the colours they used are mainly favored by kids in that certain age group. This advertisement is very effective because it has most things that an effective ad would require for example a picture, a logo, a slogan and some information about the product, but its lacking how the product would look when you buy it. Even though this advertisement appeals to some people it also has people who it wouldn't appeal to like teenagers, adults and some boys. Also boys wouldn't be interested in this product because there is separate version for them.
Glittering Generalities
Hero Worship



many different varieties of selling tactics for different advertisements, which attracts the viewers in many different ways. As we showed in our previous slides, commercials have different ways to attract you for instance for a billboard ad the advertisers don't want to distract others, but they want to make it so that the audience can catch the main idea just by looking at the picture, and etc.....So the whole point of this slide show was to raise awareness to the fact that there are many different forms of media tactics that directors use. The lesson we learned from making this and hope you learned too from watching this is, "Think before you buy.".
(Magazine ad)
Lego Friends
T.V commercial


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