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How to change your theme for you're 3ds

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Steven Fraser

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of How to change your theme for you're 3ds

Jacob Lopez-Carrasco
Final Step
select your wanted theme
Select your wanted screen by toching it. Now your theme will be displayed on your background!
Step 1 Turn on your 3ds
Before anything make sure you turn on your 3ds doing that will accesses the home menu
Step 2 Find the icon
Now find the icon in the top left corner of the lower screen. Notice it has a picture of a
wrench and a house
Step 3 Access the icon
after pressing this icon it will bring up a menu and 3ds settings
Step 4 Chose change theme
touch change theme it will bring you to all of your themes and default themes. (there is also another icon, that's the theme shop you can buy themes here for about $2.00 , they will automatically go to your themes.)
How to change your theme for you're 3ds
If you still have problems
Are you sick of that plain old background on your 3ds
have you ever wanted to change your background to your liking?
maybe something new and bight! well here is how you can do it!

you can look up whats up with your 3ds if you have problems at
or call
1 800 255 3700
Now you Know
Thanks for listening
here you will find the key to sucsess
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