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What is a Statistical Question? 6th Grade Math

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Heidemarie Klein

on 9 March 2013

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Transcript of What is a Statistical Question? 6th Grade Math

What is a Statistical Question?
First Requirement:
Specific Topic/Focus Second Requirement:
Population Third Requirement:
Specific Number of Options Definition The Statistical Questions must contain a specific topic.

For instance the question must contain a focus.
Examples include:
*Number of siblings each student in a class has,
*Number of pets people who live in your neighborhood have, etc. Statistical Questions must also have a specific population. Population can be defined as:
A specific group of people to whom the statistical question is asked

Examples of Population include:
Your Math class (or any other class)
The other children in your neighborhood or on your sports team
The teachers within your school, etc. Statistical Questions must have a specific number of options to choose from. These option amounts should be no less than five (5) but no more than ten (10).

Example: How many pets do the children in your science class have?
Specific Options: there are 6 number choices to choose from when answering this question.

The number choices to choose from are the options.

A Statistical Question is one in which has a variety of answers.
There are FOUR requirements/criteria that need to be met in order for a question to be classified as statistical:

1. Specific Topic/Focus
2. Population
3. Specific Number of Options
4. Specific Options Fourth Requirement:
Specific Options Statistical Questions need to have results that are numerical. The reason for this is so when they are graphed it can be easily interpreted and identified.

Example: (Same one from third requirement) How many pets do the children in your science class have?

Specific Number of Options: 6

Specific Options to choose from: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6+

Are you ready to practice? We now have learned the difference between a fact and a statistic so lets put our knowledge to the test with some practice. Review from
Class Discussion: A FACT is defined as:
something that is known to be true; the truth
A STATISTIC is defined as:
something that is created from data
** side note ** Data is defined as individual items of information that can be used in multiple ways.

Statistical Questions have four requirements:
Number of Options
Specific Options
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