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psychology career project

No description

Darby Gonzales

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of psychology career project

Psychologist Career Project Wages The median pay for a psychologist is over 66,000 dollars per year while the better ones can make over 83,000 dollars a year Educational Requirements To become a practicing psychologist one must receive a Ph.D degree or a Psy.D. degree. These are required for any psychologist who wishes to have a clinical or counseling. For a school psychologist, usually a specialist degree in school psychology is required. Nature of Work The main purpose of a psychologist is to help people with any problems they might be having. Most of these problems are related to mental or emotional health. A school psychologist is for when a student is having behavioral problems or learning problems that need to be addressed. Working Conditions Most of the work done by a psychologist is done in an office building of some type. Most of the work they do is working with people and helping them deal with the struggles of their life. Job Outlook The job outlook for psychologists is very positive. Because people will always have problems that they will need help with, there will always be a need for psychologists. By the year 2018 there will be very rapid growth for openings as a psychologists. Personal Skills Needed The most important skill of a psychologist is communication. Communication is so important because most of a psychologist's job is talking to people about what is going on in their life. Other important skills are being friendly and being able to make conversation with people. Personal Reasons for Wanting the Job I thought I would enjoy being a psychologist because almost the entire job is helping people with any problems they might have. Helping people with their problems would be rewarding to me because I like helping people. Source http://careerplanning.about.com
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