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Do you already know MONINHAS ALUMÍNIOS, S.A.?

No description

Moninhas Alumínios

on 19 October 2015

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Transcript of Do you already know MONINHAS ALUMÍNIOS, S.A.?

Our propose is
"be a reference company in our works area and produce customs and quality solutions to customers "
We started in 1973 with
1 worker.
Today we are 35...
and we continue to grow.
Do you already know MONINHAS ALUMÍNIOS, S.A.?
What do you want?
Cooperate with the execution of reference works at national and international levels.
We are certified in
In 2014 we are considered a leader company and a excellent company for a portuguese entrepeneur association IAPMEI.
We works to individuals and enterprises.

We collaborate to national and international works.
We are produce and set up alluminum, iron and stainless:
- doors - windows - stairs
- gates - show windows - handrails
- gateways - skylights - marquises
- party walls - windbreaks - ...
See someone our works on:

Our contacts:
Phone: 219 660 799
E-mail: geral@moninhas.pt
URL: www.moninhas.pt
Our address:
Rua das indústrias, n.º 22
Zona Industrial da V. Pinheiro
2665-628 Venda do Pinheiro
We are a portuguese company specialized in aluminum, iron and stainless works.
... our values are:
- Customization
Diversity in Unity
See you soon!
In 2015 we are recognized again:
All works are personalizeds.
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