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STAR Reading

Staff Development

Tammy Hancock

on 20 February 2013

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Transcript of STAR Reading

STAR Reading How it Works... Skills Tested... Skills Tested... Getting started... 1. Students take the STAR test. 1. Word Knowledge & Skills 3. Analyzing Literary Text Go to the Renaissance website 2. Teachers get results in the form of reports. 3. Teachers use the reports to make data-driven decisions about interventions. The STAR test is given through the online site, and questions automatically adjust to the students' abilities. Teachers will learn how to generate reports that show student progress, highlight areas of need, and allow quick assessment. Reports make it easy to focus on areas of need for individual students. They also give teachers a means to verify student reading levels and abilities. 2. Comprehension Strategies Vocabulary Strategies
Using context clues
Using structural analysis Vocabulary Knowledge
Recognize and understand synonyms
Recognize and understand homonyms
Recognize connotation and denotation
Understand idioms and analogies Reading Process Skills
Make predictions
Identify author’s purpose
Identify and understand text features
Recognize an accurate summary of text Constructing Meaning
Understand vocabulary in context
Draw conclusions
Identify and understand main ideas
Identify details
Extend meaning or form generalizations
Identify and differentiate fact and opinion Organizational Structure
Identify organizational structure
Understand cause and effect
Understand comparison and contrast
Identify and understand sequence 4. Understanding Author's Craft Literary Elements
Identify and understand elements of plot
Identify and understand setting
Identify characters and understand characterization
Identify and understand theme
Identify the narrator and point of view Genre Characteristics
Identify fiction and nonfiction, reality and fantasy
Identify and understand characteristics of genres Author’s Choices
Understand figurative language
Understand literary devices
Identify sensory detail Reports... STAR Reading Screening Report 1. Select school, district or state
benchmarks on the options page
2. Report ranks students by Scale Score
and groups students according to
benchmarks Instructional Planning Report: Class 1. May be used to group students based on ability, skill level, or benchmarks
2. Can offer specific skills needed for each instructional group Instructional Planning Report: Student 1. Generates skill recommendations for
individualized instruction
2. Can be customized to show specific skills Use Core Progress for Reading 1. Go into Core Progress for Reading
2. Do a Keyword search for a skill from the
Instructional Planning Report
3. Results will provide content-area vocabulary for
each skill, conceptual knowledge concepts,
linguistic competencies, ELL support, Teacher
Activities and Sample Items Click on the AR icon
Go to https://hosted10.renlearn.com/41776/
Log in as Teacher/Administrator Go to the STAR Reading section Home-- Gives samples of features and reports
Screening, Progress Monitoring, & Intervention-- Review screening results & benchmarks, set up interventions
Record Book--Shows benchmarks by class
Reports-- Generate reports for classes or individual students
Resources-- Provides tools for categorizing, interpreting reports, and providing interventions
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