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iPods SHOULD be Allowed in School

Electronic Skills Presentation

Amalia Calderon

on 22 December 2010

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Transcript of iPods SHOULD be Allowed in School

iPods SHOULD be Allowed in Class Listening to music while you work can help the students concentrate and work better. If you are not working while listening to music then there will be consequences. Knowing this, the students will treat the opportunity with respect. If iPods were allowed in school, then students wouldn't spend their time hiding them, and would pay more attention. Students should be able to use their iPods during lunch without having it taken away because you aren't learning anything. Students have the responsibilty to take care of their iPod. If the student's iPod breaks it would be their own fault because they were careless and irresponsible. There would be rules for the iPods like:
- they are to only be used when you are working independently.
- it should be used for music only, not games or internet
- iPods can be helpful during the school day because they can take notes and make note cards on apps that are on the iPod touch. People say that we should leave our iPods at home but then what do we have for the bus ride? Texting apps on the iPod touch can be a positive thing. What if we miss our bus or have to stay after unexpectedly? Students can get bored when they are just taking notes in class. iPods can keep a student paying attention. Among the talking of other students, iPods can distract a student from whatever they are saying and focus on the board and what the teacher is saying. If they only have one ear bud in. Music can help people learn and improve their grade. Some teachers already allow iPods in their classroom. Do not listen to anything Meagan says!
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