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What is Social Media?

No description

Candy Chow

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of What is Social Media?

YMCA NYLD Presents...
"Spot the Icon"
Understand what is social media
Learn the different platforms available
Learn how to effectively use social media
Learn how to protect yourself
What is social Media?
Social Etiquette
Pros & Cons
Responsibility of user
Usage and Stats
Social Media refers to the means of interaction among people in which they create, share, and/or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks.
While social media provides many hours of entertainment how much do you really know?
What is Social Media?
What are the most widely used platforms and networks?
What are the Pros & Cons?
What are the Responsibilities of a user?
What's Social Media Etiquette?

Social Media Awareness
Identity Theft
Phishing/Online Scams
Separate your personal from professional
Use it as a communications medium
Use it as a reference site (courses outlines, deadlines, contact information and research)
Don't let strangers have access to your private life
Be professional and do not post inappropriate statuses/pictures onto your page/wall
Do not immediately open suspicious links
Consider not posting status updates that reveal your location
Do not just post pictures/videos of someone without permission
Using social media can impact our lives. Social media is truly our one way of communicating due to the fast grow of internet. However, it does have its good and bad sides, which is either, helping us achieve what we want or pulling us down when its not used properly.

In pairs or small teams complete the social media icon challenge. How many can you match and name?
You posted that?
Everyone is talking about it
Do these......
 Be Careful Of Your Tone
 Call Rather Than Post Personal News
 Be open minded
Edit for grammar and spelling mistakes
Lend a helping hand.

Avoid these....
 Do NOT use Cap locks
 Do NOT include Contact Info
 Do NOT use offensive words, and / or graphics should not be tolerated.
A skit...
Each group will have 10 minutes to list as many advantages and disadvantages in using Social Media

Each group will compare their lists and the most original responses will receive a point and the team with the most points wins

Total population in Canada 2013: 34.88 million people.
Top 3 most popular social media sites include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
LinkedIn being the fastest growing
Facebook: 19 million+
Twitter: 10 million+
LinkedIn: 7 million+
Growing social media:
Time- consuming
Exposed personal life
Identity theft/ Fraud
Lack of empathy

Contact with friends
Share info. pictures
meet new people research
get updates
more job opportuntities
more convenience
Deal Finders
Celebrities become popular

What is etiquette ?
Task is to put different words in each individual’s card. A list will be given or posted. Prepare questions based on the list and it will then be asked during the game. The goal is to complete a line horizontally, vertically or diagonally.
In your group, come up with a skit which can teach us some good social media etiquette. Or you can provide examples of some negative social media etiquettes. You may use the following scenarios
You didn’t do very well on your math test. You thought the teacher marked so hard on your test and you kept complaining. You got home, logged in to your Facebook and started attacking your teacher…...

You got 100% on your math test. You showed the test paper to your parents and wanted to get some rewards from them. But they were worrying about their own affairs and not paying attention to you. You logged in to your Facebook and saw a girl posted her photo which you think is “ugly”….

You went to the gossip forum as usual. You saw a guy posted a negative comment on your favorite movie star. You were raged immediately……
Thank you for participating!
Questions? Comments?
We hope you will utilize the valuable information
from today's workshop!
Different Classifications of Social Media:

1. Collaborative projects (Wikipedia)
2. Blogs and microblogs (Twitter)
3. Content communities (Youtube and DailyMotion)
4. Social networking sites (Facebook)
5. Virtual game-worlds (World of Warcraft)
6. Virtual social worlds (Second Life)
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