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Restoring the Great Lakes

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evan wilbur

on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of Restoring the Great Lakes

Restoring the Great Lakes
What is acid rain?
Acid rain is a term referring to rain that has been contaminated by chemicals introduced by industrial and automotive emissions. It is more acidic than clear rain water
What does it mean for a substance to be acidic?
Acidic substances form salt when they react with a base. They also taste sour.
What are some causes of acid rain?
Acid rain is caused by reactions of SO2 and NOx with dry or wet pollutants like sulfuric acid (H2SO4) ammonium nitrate ( NH4NO3) and nitric acid (HNO3) that are already present in the environment
Acid rain can also be caused by fuel combustion releasing SO2 and NOx into the air. The gases then mix with water droplets and fall as a form of precipitation
How does acid rain form?
H20(i) + SO2(g) = H2SO3(g)
CO2(i) + H2O(g) = H2CO3
How does acid rain negatively affect the Great Lakes?
Acid rain can affect the great lakes because the lake will not be able to support the same life as normal lakes
Since the acid rain has changed the life in the lake the food chain is affected because the organisms that form the basis of the chain are lost so the other organisms die off
How does acid rain negatively affect industries that rely on the great lakes?
Acid rain negatively affects industries that rely on the Great lakes because the acid that is present can eat away at any metal that is in the water
It can be harmful for cargo ships to spend long periods of time in the harbor because the acid can eat at the hull of the ships
Acid rain in the Great lakes can also be very discouraging to the fishing industry because of such a great loss in the fish populations
How do these lake restoration methods negatively affect the lakes?
Liming can negatively affect the lake it is restoring because the lime can change the clarity and turbidity of the lake it is restoring
Also the scrubbers can be very visually unappealing and can be very expensive to purchase
How do we restore the lakes affected by acid rain?
One possible way of restoring a lake that has been affected by acid rain is liming which can neutralize the lake
Another way of restoring a lake is with a scrubber which can remove 80-95% of the sulfur oxides in the lake
Identify a current initiative in Canada that is helping restore the great lakes
In Canada there is an initiative helping to restore the Great lakes called "The Great Lakes Action Plan"
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