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M and M Survival Challenge

No description

Molly Harnden

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of M and M Survival Challenge

M&M Survival Challenge

First you will need to prepare a mixed group of prey. Do this by counting 10 M&M's of each color. You will need 10 red 10 orange 10 yellow 10 blue 10 green and 10 brown in one bag.
Plastic bags (6)

10 M&M's of each

5 plastic bins

Lab notebook

60 skittles of each color.
We think that the m&m's that are the same color will be camouflaged. We think that the m&ms that are a different color will be chosen more than the skittles.
Can camouflage help prey survive?
Background Information
Camouflage is a set of colorings that help an animal blend in with its surroundings. A predator will look for its prey in the prey's habitat. The animal will use camouflage to hide from its predator by blending in with its surroundings.
Yes because we believe the prey can be invisible to predators when camouflaged.
By: Akin,Jeremiah and Matthew
Then you need to prepare different habitats using skittles. do this by counting 60 skittles of each color. You will need a bag of 60 red, a bag of 60 orange, a bag of 60 yellow, a bag of 60 green and a bag of 60 purple.

From our data most M&M's were camouflaged but the purple didn't because the brown is darker than the purple. If you have enough M&M's to put in each habitat of Skittles. Then each volunteer can go at the same time so you can get through the data done faster.
Pour each color of Skittles onto a separate plate. Then you pour the M&M's onto one plate of Skittles. Then gather the volunteers. Set a timer for 20 seconds and they must pick as many M&M's as they can only using their thumb and fore finger. Record how many m&m's each volunteer picked up.

Yes, camouflage can help prey survive.
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