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Stalin's 5-Year Plan

No description

Samantha Peters

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Stalin's 5-Year Plan

By: Sam, Vilas, & Jordan Stalin's Five Year Plans General Results First Plan 1938-1941 Third Plan 1929-1933 1933-1937 Bibliography First Plan Results peasants resisted & were killed
increased steel production by 14 million tons
electricity generation increased by 8,000%
coal & oil production doubled
fell short of Stalin's high expectations
damaged agriculture industry Background 1928 Approved by the State Planning Commission in 1928
Inspired by Vladimir Lenin's New Economic Policy (NEP) of 1921
Goal: make U.S.S.R. a major industrial power Soviet Slogan - means "Plan is law, fulfillment is
duty, over-fulfillment is honor!" started directly after the first, without hesitation
more economic control
incentives, introduction of child care, and punishments
improvements in communication
railroads Second Plan focused on industrialization, but had agrarian standards as well
collective farms: large farms worked by hundreds of families
Soviets equipped farms with modern machinery http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five-Year_Plans_for_the_National_Economy_of_the_Soviet_Union
http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/worldwars/wwtwo/hitler_russia_invasion_01.shtml#two http://zolotoivek.tumblr.com/post/33822952740/workersbuilding-the-turkestan-siberian-railway
http://greyfalcon.us/Russia%20In%20World%20War%202.htm Information Images Second Plan Results did not reach goal production levels
coal and oil standard of living plummeted economy fell
moved focus to military and industry industrialized
finally close to Germany focused on protecting Russia through advancement of weapons
popular weapon choice of the Soviets: Mosin Nagant
harsh winter of 1928 gave slow start
ammunition production goals were not met
interrupted by the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941
economics thrived during this time period
industrial growth of 12-13% (usually 4-9% in other countries) Third Plan Results U.S.S.R. invaded by Germany in WWII
150,000 Russian soldier fatalities within first 5 months
600,000 Russian soldiers captured
3 million Russian soldiers P.O.W. (1941)
fuel crisis towards the end
lack of local resources needed for factories Country-wide Construction
Turkestan-Siberian Railroad
Dneiper Dam
Belomor Canal Economics
command economy was established
U.S.S.R. became "self-sufficient" - machine/metal industries
decrease in consumer products - luxury food items, clothing industry
small companies were eliminated in order to standardize production Video visual - Youtube, "Joseph Stalin Announces the first 5-year plan for USSR" by jakobfrandsen90210
audio - Youtube, "Stalin's Five Year Plans" by Earth2Universe German invasion of Russia
succeeding the 3rd Plan
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