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No description

Gailin Lavelle

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of redheads

Why are we different? Redheads Red hair is the rarest type of hair color in the world.
Only 1-2% of the world has it.
The highest percentage of natural redheads in the world is in Scotland with 13%, Ireland has 10%, and the US has 2-3% Red hair is a recessive trait, which means that a child must inherit one red hair gene from each parent. Recessive traits often come in pairs, and redheads are more likely than other people to be left handed. Redheads have a higher pain threshold than most of us, and can handle spicier food, redheads also are more resistant to anesthesia, and feel temperature changes more intensely. Because natural red hair holds its pigment more than other colors, it is harder to dye. Also redheads don't grow grey hair. Red hair initially tends to turn sandy blonde and then white. In 1995, Professor Jonathan Reese discovered that mutations of the gene MC1R on chromosome 16 were responsible for red hair, also known as the “ginger gene”. a few redheads:
- Lucille Ball
- Me
- Prince Harry
- Wilma Flintstone
- Linsay Lohan
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